Cliff Side Dining at Le Plongeoir Nice | France

Cliff Side Dining at Le Plongeoir Nice | France


I’m always nervous when I’m in charge of picking places to eat on vacation. I’m super indecisive and there are just so many restaurants to choose from that I’m afraid of picking one that isn’t so great. So when I saw Le Plongeoir in Nice, France, on Pinterest of all places, I thought it might be too good to be true.

Cliff Side Dining at Le Plongeoir Nice

The restaurant is literally on the edge of a cliff, hanging out directly over the ocean. It’s so scenic, I thought for sure it was either A: a mega tourist trap or B: so exclusive that you had to book months in advance for a reservation.

Safe to say this place was epic

When we got to Monaco, while sitting by the ocean, drinking rosé (hard life, I know), Jay suggested we just try to call for a reservation. We somehow lucked out and snagged a spot the next night. We got to the restaurant that night and oh. my. god. Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty that this restaurant holds.

Not only was the dining room on the edge of a cliff, but the entire restaurant was built into the cliff.

The seating area was completely outdoors, on top of a massive rock overlooking the water, and the kitchen in the rocks was completely open. As you walked by to go to your table, the smell of cooked seafood, bread, and cheese came wafting through the air.

We perked up instantly and couldn’t wait to order.

We were seating at on the top deck and were surprised to be surrounded by locals. We ate antipasti consisting of cheese, chacuterie, and fruit, gnocchi with mushrooms, artichokes, and pesto, and finished off the meal with crème brulee and a lemon tart. Needless to say, we did not go hungry. We had an amazing meal made from fresh ingredients surrounded by spectacular views of the sea.

If you’re in the Nice area, Le Plongeoir is highly recommended by us.

Cliff Side Dinning at Le Plongeoir Nice | France | Earth Below Girls Cliff Side Dinning at Le Plongeoir Nice | France | Earth Below Girls

*Main Image Photo Cred : Two Travelers 


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