Earth Below Girls was conceived years ago on a car ride home from yet another trip. After talking about my upcoming travels I mused that I should write it all down and start a blog. Saying it aloud something clicked.

A couple of weeks later the Earth Below Girls was born.

A year later I’ve quit my job and left New York to travel for a year with my best friend Ashley. This has been a dream of mine for a couple of years now and I can’t wait to share my adventures. I’m not a professional traveler, my parents aren’t rich and I don’t get to go to places for free. Every single penny spent for this journey has been mine.

So like you, I’m just your average girl intent on trying to see as much as possible before I die.

Along the way I hope inspire you because the Earth Below Girls is far bigger than me, its all of you too. I want to create a place where you can come and find the perfect destination for a girls gateway. A place where you can hear about real tips that will help get you closer to your next trip. I want to take you all around NYC and show you my favorite places and spaces. I want the Earth Below Girls to not only be a resource but also a community. I want to give you a voice where you can share your travels and what inspires you.

Most importantly I want to get outside your comfort zones and see and do the things that excite you the most.

About Us

Hi, I’m Jay. A twenty-something-year-old that quit her job and left New York to travel full time. My three loves are eating, drinking and traveling. I’ve lived in some incredible cities from Paris to New York to Florence. It’s always been my dream to explore the world, but I never thought I would get to live it. I’m living proof that you should never give up on your dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem to you or others.

About Us

Hi! I’m Ashley. I’m a recent Maryland transplant living in NYC. I currently work in fashion, but my true love is travel. I was bitten by the travel bug at an early age and ever since, I’m always craving my next adventure.  From Europe to South Africa, I’ve been all over the world, but there are still so many places I have yet to explore. While ticking off my ever-growing bucket list, I hope to meet new people, learn new cultures, and write about it along the way. I hope you enjoy our little taste of wanderlust and are inspired along the way!

About Us

Hey, I’m Amanda! I’m a New York City gal just living life to the fullest. Ever since I was young I always enjoyed traveling, visiting new places and getting accustomed to different cultures. I love going sightseeing and being super touristy even in my own city! Exploring new things is always exciting to me and I am always up for a new adventure. I’m also a big foodie! I love going out and trying new foods but brunch will always be my favorite meal. I live by the 3 Bs: booze, brunch, and black.

About Us

Hi I’m Priscilla. I was born and raised in southern Florida the sunshine state. I came to NYC to pursue my dream of working in fashion. I’ve traveled all my life but it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Florence that I became addicted. Since then I’ve traveled to dozens of far away places from Budapest to Bangkok. A foodie at heart I love trying native cuisines, shopping at international markets and connecting with locals.