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birthday weekend in Miami

I’ve never been that big into my birthday. I’m not the type of person to constantly talk about it, I don’t plan a party, and I definitely don’t come into the office wearing a crown expecting everyone to bow down to me. But when I realized my quarter of a century birthday was coming up, I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to indulge in a birthday-princess-extravaganza. Living in NYC, I needed a destination that was warm, sunny, and where my girls and I could get a little rowdy.

It was the perfect birthday weekend getaway in Miami.

My Birthday Weekend Getaway in Miami |

Day 1

We stayed at the Royal Palm in South Beach, which is right on Collins Ave with beachfront access. We decided to take an early flight on Friday to have as much sun time as possible and we spent the whole day laying out on the beach while the drinks were flowing. Dinner was at Naked Taco, the perfect Mexican cuisine with mass amounts of guac, tacos, and of course margaritas.

We went to Mango’s for a salsa class hosted by Salsa Mia and it was a BLAST. If you’re looking for something Miamiesque but not quite the typical night club experience, this is the place to go. The class is in a private room upstairs and the instructor was so amazing.

Plus, it’s half off mojitos for the whole two hour class so you really can’t go wrong.


My Birthday Weekend Getaway in Miami |


Day 2

On Saturday, which was my actual birthday, we went to Hyde Beach Club for the ultimate adult pool party. After a little bit of drama upon arriving (PSA – having booked a table doesn’t necessarily mean it’s held for you, so show up early), we went straight for the vodka. It’s definitely a fun vibe here and very South Beach. It’s the place to see and be seen, but overall the people there were so fun and down for a good time.

After (sort of) recovering from day drinking, we went to dinner at Beachcraft, where I had the most amazing gnocchi pasta of my life. We ended up at some bar/club on Collins Ave (did I mention we’d been drinking all day?) where we all only lasted about an hour before going back to the hotel to pass out.

It was definitely the best way to kick off 25.

My Birthday Weekend Getaway in Miami |

Day 3

Sunday was a sad, and deeply hungover, day because we had to go back to cold New York. We spent the day lounging around the pool until our flights. It was definitely a whirlwind kind of trip, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Turning 25 in South Beach was a great decision, but having such a great group of friends to spend it with was even better. Friends tend to come and go in your life, but I know this group is in it for the long haul.

There’s no one else I would rather ring in 25 with and I can’t wait for many more adventures with my girls 🙂

My Birthday Weekend Getaway in Miami |

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