Is Your Seafood Fresh

Do you love seafood? We bet you do because there is nothing like that perfectly cooked and seasoned fish dish. On your travels, you might have been to a fair few numbers of restaurants that you think were serving fresh seafood. You might even have found a tasty place to eat in New York that you love because you know that they serve their seafood fresh. But how do you know for sure? Well, there are a few considerations here.


Is The Restaurant On Or Near The Coast Or Port?


Restaurants that genuinely can offer you fresh seafood are typically quite close to the source. Otherwise, the logistics can be a nightmare. If you really want to make sure that you’re eating fresh seafood do make sure that you visit a restaurant on the coast. You might even witness the fresh seafood being delivered early in the morning.

Is There A Tank?


If seafood is truly fresh, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to advertise this as much as they possibly can. For instance, if you’re eating lobster, you might be able to choose the one you want to dine on straight out of the tank. This delicious treat will be moving around and swimming, so you know you’re getting a fresh dish. It’s not just lobster that can be chosen like this. You might find they have everything from crabs to fish swimming around for you to choose before you dine.

Is It Over Seasoned?


Something like Fresh Alaskan king crab doesn’t need a lot of seasoning to taste delicious. Usually, if you find that your seafood dish is over seasoned and the seasoning is overwhelming the natural taste, it’s because the protein isn’t fresh. It will have come straight out a freezer, not the ocean. You might pay a fortune for seasoned seafood, but if it’s fresh, the natural flavour is perfect without anything added.

Is It Advertised?


It’s important to realise that fresh seafood is a unique selling point for any restaurant. This means that you can expect the fact to be advertised. When you dine there, you’ll probably find that they immediately tell you the dish you are ordering is fresh or is the catch of the day. These buzzwords aren’t meaningless, they are marketing terms that offer you info about the protein you’re eating. If they don’t have these words attached, you can almost always guarantee the protein is frozen.

Are They Answering Questions?


Aside from comparing the taste between fresh seafood that you’ve had before, the best way to find out whether the meal is truly fresh would be to ask. Waiters will be able to tell you if the seafood you’re eating is fresh and will be more than happy to answer this question. Unless of course, it’s come from the freezer. If that’s the case, you can probably expect at least a few side steps of the question.


We hope this helps you determine whether your favourite restaurants really are offering you the catch of the day, straight from the sea.

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