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As we always say, the best kind of brunch is of the booziest variety. This is especially true at Il Bastardo, where they’re known for their boozy brunch. What makes their boozy brunch the booziest? How about the personal bottle of Champagne, you get when you do their combo with an entree. For $65 you get a personal bottle of Champagne (or sparkling wine) and a brunch entree.

Il Bastardo Brunch

Il Bastardo Brunch New York City Review Boozy Brunch

Now I know what you’re thinking, I bet the food sucks or the serving size is small. Well, my pessimistic friends, you are wrong. Their food is both delicious, while also being massive, so you will not leave brunch hungry. Which is essential when doing a boozy brunch. I ordered the lobster Mac and Cheese and it was divine. Everyone else got an assortment of brunch entrees that were all equally impressed. We recommend the mac & cheese, their juicy burger, and the eggs Benedict.

What puts Il Bastardo at the top of our boozy list was the atmosphere?

Have you ever woken up and just wanted to party? Or are you over the elevator music at most brunches? Il Bastardo is literally a club in the am. Finally, a place that doesn’t frown upon your table dancing tendencies while you chow down on some waffles. This place is perfect to dance and day drink. Il Bastardo is point blank a good time. When people ask me where to go for a good time aka a boozy brunch this is my number one recommended Brunch.

So if you’re a down betch looking to day drink, eat some good food, and dance check them out.

Il Bastardo Brunch New York City Review Boozy BrunchIl Bastardo Brunch New York City Review Boozy BrunchIl Bastardo Brunch New York City Review Boozy Brunch


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