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The first time I came to Vietnam I only ventured as far as Ho Chi Minh City. While I had a lot of fun I wouldn’t have considered Vietnam my favorite country. So when I told people our plans for the first two months of traveling I was a bit shocked that so many stopped me to gush about Vietnam. Sure enough we made our way to Ho Chi Minh and I liked it. I was happy to revisit the same Pho place I had eaten at last time, I even got to see some sights I didn’t make it to last time. All in all my feelings for Vietnam remained the same great but not my favorite country we had visited.

That all changed the minute we got to Hoi An.

Hoi An is everything I had imagined Vietnam to be all those years ago. It was quaint, filled with charm, great food and amazing colors. It seemed to be the counterpart to Ho Chi Minh’s stark grey pallette. We walked and stumbled upon flamingo pink churches, up a head a conscious bright red temple and of course the unassuming faded canary yellow walls we see so often. The colors and details made the city feel more alive than a city booming with skyscrapers.

So here is quietly without notice, Vietnam started to become my favorite Southeast Asian country.

If you are making your way to Vietnam than you must visit Hoi An. It has the prettiest Unesco World Heritage Ancient town. A beautiful countryside best viewed whizzing by on a bike. Amazing cosines that makes you feel as tough your own grandmother is cooking for you while still remaining fun and exotic. All of which you will find in my Ultimate Guide to Hoi An 2018 edition.

Ultimate Guide to Hoi An

Where to Stay

I would recommend staying in Ancient Town. In ancient town is where a lot of the historical sights are and is a good location for those wanting to get around on foot. You could stay in the beach area but again you’d need a bike/scooter. We stayed at the Nova Villa and it was simple, clean and the staff was amazing. If you are looking for a budget accommodations I would highly recommend them. Keep in mind Vietnam hotels are pretty cheap which makes this a great city to visit where you will get more bang for your buck.

Luxury ($150+)

Hotel Royal Hoi An MGallery by Sofitel

Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort

Mid Tier ($100+)

LA RESIDENCIA – Little Boutique Hotel & Spa 

River Suites Hoi An


Nova Villa

Hoi An green apple hotel


Tribee Cotu hostel

Leo Leo Hostel

Where to eat

Miss Ly Cafeteria – Great place to taste Hoianian flavors at reasonable prices.

Morning Glory – Tradtional Vietnamese food in a cosy setting

Aubergine49 – Offers up Euroasian cusine for when you feel like a splurge

Ancient Faifo – Minutes  from the Japanese covered bridge, it’s filled with antiques and yummy food.

Orivy Hoi An’s – Hidden in a secluded garden this budget friendly menu is perfect place to escape the crowds.

Khong Cam Quan Restaurant – Well known local hangout featuring budget eats.

Good Morning Vietnam – Italian joint thats offers the best pizza and pasta in Hoi An.

Reaching Out Teahouse – Run by the hearing and speech  impaired this silent teahouse is a great spot to escape the crowded streets.

Top Things to See

Cooking Classes

Learn to cook traditional Vietnamese food in Hoi An. There are a ton of great cooking schools to choose from and its the best way to try local delicacies.  Great for families too we love taking cooking classes abroad. Find some cooking classes HERE.

Get Something Tailor Made

Hoi An is one of the best places to get stuff tailored made. While still cheaper than US standards we did’nt find it exactly cheap. While you can go to the market and get things made for $10-30 USD, if you go to a shop it will cost you more. I had seen an American Eagle maxi skirt I wanted and everywhere I went it was $50USD or higher ( BTW skirt cost way less on their website). Just make sure you shop around.

See the Japanese Bridge

This is the only covered bridge in the world to house a buddhist temple. Plus its beautiful.  Head there early in day to avoid crowds.

See the Countryside

Hoi An is more than its ancient town in fake there is a whole lot more to see. There are a ton of cycling and trekking companies that will take you out. We did a bike tour with Heaven and Earth and had so much fun. We did a slow paced ride that was perfect for all ages and endurances. If you want to kick things up a bit they have even more intense rides so give them a look. Heaven and Earth info HERE.

See the Lantern Market

At night, An Hoi which is across the river from the central Hoi An, lights up with the silk lanterns. It is so stunning and well worth a visit.

Do a Beach Day at An Bang Beach

While not Hoi An’s most popular beach its way less crowded so you can actually relax. Still as beautiful as Cua Dai you’ll find pristine white sand beaches here too.

See Thu Bon River

Thu Bon is the river that runs along Hoi An ancient town. Walk along the river to see traditional vietnamese workers and see the stunning old buildings. Stick around for sunset.

Instagrammable Places

Instagram guide to Hoi An VietnamHoi An’s Confucian temple – Stumbled upon this gem and it is seriously my favorite place in Hoi An. ( Above Photo)

Japanese Bridge –  Head here early in morning for the perfect shot in front of the bridge.

Sunday Shop – The famous Hoi An Vibes Only wall is actually inside of the equally cute shop. Make sure to head to the Sunday Shop on Tran Phu Street.

Night Market – The night market is where you can find all the lantern shops. Make sure to head here at around 6pm when they have just set up shop. Some of the vendors will get testy and say no photo though so be warned.

An Bang Swing – Located on the beach in front of the Sound of Silence cafe get the perfect beach swing shot here.

Hoi An Riverside – Along the river in old town you can find the perfect Hoi An yellow buildings. Head here at sunrise or sunset for epic reflections in the water.


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