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Learning to Cook in Bali with Cookly MEXX the Cooking School


Continuing my tradition of learning to cook across Asia, I had the pleasure of attending a class at the MEXX The Cooking School. Located in Bali, MEXX the cooking school, has a ton rave reviews online. I was was eager to visit the school and learn more about Indonesian food.

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Learning to Cook in Bali with Cookly MEXX the Cooking School

Our day started with a hotel pick up, where we meet Erlinda who runs the MEXX Cooking School. We then headed to a local market. Here Erlinda introduced us to typical Balinese culture and produce. We even got to try some local delicacies like Salak or Balinese snake fruit. It gets its name from the skin which looks like snake skin. Of all the markets I have been to, this one was my favorite. It seemed like everyone knew who Erlinda was and welcomed us. Erlinda explained that she shops here often for fresh produce.

Erlinda shops at the local markets to give back to the local communities by supporting small farmers.

Learning to Cook in Bali with Cookly MEXX the Cooking School

After our market tour we snacked on some locals treats and headed to the cooking studio. We were all blown away by how stunning the setting of the cooking school was in. Among lush rice fields stood the cooking school. You could even see the ocean in the distance.

We were welcomed with a yummy drink and took in the view.

Erlinda gave us a lesson on traditional Balinese spices and herbs. She also gave some substitutes for things that would be hard to find in a western supermarket. We then headed downstairs. We were all impressed with the cooking studio. Here we all got our own cooking station which made it very hands on.

Erlinda gave each of us their cookbook to jot down notes.

Learning to Cook in Bali with Cookly MEXX the Cooking School

We then did a lot of cooking! Each couple got their own local balinese housewife to help. Again MEXX the Cookings School hires local women as a way to give back to the community. The women were all knowledgeable on traditional Indonesian cooking and of course culture. We especially loved our assistant who was sassy and fun. We cooked nine dishes in total. All the recipes were easy to follow and I was surprised by how straight forward everything was. I loved preparing the Javanese Corn Fritters and learning to fold the banana leaf.

Below are all the dishes we created. (Vegetarian options are available as well)

  • Balinese green papaya soup with Chicken
  • Javanese Corn Fritters
  • Balinese steam minced pork in Banana leaves
  • Balinese Shrimp and Red Snapper steamed in Banana leaves
  • Indonesian  fried noodle
  • Traditional cooked Yellow Coconut Rice
  • Full moon cake with Cream of Coconut
  • Sambal Matah
  • Sambal Tomat

After a busy day of cooking the ladies gathered the food for us. We headed upstairs to the patio overlooking the rice fields. When the ladies brought out our trays with our dishes we were blown away. They assembled everything so beautifully and made it feel like we were enjoying a feast. Everything was so delicious that I forgot I was the chef. It’s hard to pick my favorite but I loved the corn fritters, the fried noodle and the red snapper the best. Everything was so delicious and fresh.

With very full tummies we said goodbye to Erlinda and the other ladies.

Balinese green papaya soup with Chicken

I absolutely loved this cooking class and there is nothing that I would change. I loved the schools commitment to helping the local communities which is important to me. This was a truly hands on cooking class and is a core belief that Erlinda and the MEXX cooking school believe in.

The school only takes a handful of students so the class is small. This ensures everyone gets to do everything and everyone has their own station.

I would highly recommend visiting MEXX  the Cooking School if you are in Canggu, Kuta or Seminyak. You will not only have a delicious meal but learn about local culture and meet some new people in a gorgeous setting. Erlinda and her team made cooking fun and we left having learned how to make some yummy dishes.

This was my favorite cooking class I have taken in Asia and I can’t wait to try out the recipes at home.

You can find MEXX the Cooking School on Cookly Here.

You can find Cooking class with Cookly in Seminyak Here.

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Earth Below Girls learning to cook in Bali with cookly MEXX the cooking school

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