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Unlike most of our trips, my time in Cancun was probably the most relaxing week of my life. Every year my family takes a big trip somewhere and this year we chose Cancun, Mexico. I am grateful that at 24 years old my family still likes to take me on trips, and pay for them :).

We left New York on a cold Tuesday morning and arrived in sunny Mexico that same afternoon. We were greeted in the airport with lively Spanish music and already I knew this trip was going to be awesome. When we arrived at our hotel, Iberostar Cancun, and walked into the main lobby there was a sense of calmness that washed over us. The resort was lovely and I couldn’t wait to take a look around. Upon checking in we were given tropical cucumber drinks and a golf cart to take us and all of our luggage to our villa.

The vacation was off to a great start already.

Upon arriving in our villa, I walked through my room to the back door where I was greeted with my own private pool with a view of the ocean view. It was amazing! We had our own server, Yadira, who was actually the kindness woman I have ever met. There was never a moment that we didn’t have a drink in our hands. Speaking with everyday and she would told us how much she loved our family and we felt like we had a strong connection to her. She told us all about her family and gave us an insight into the Mexican culture.

We couldn’t have asked for better service!

There was so much to do there that we were never bored! Whether it was water polo, volleyball,soccer or beach actives there was something there for everyone. They even had Spanish lessons so that you could take to further your Spanish proficiency. The staff were all super friendly and really encouraged all of us to participate in the many actives so no one felt left out!

Being the big foodie I am, get nervous at all inclusive resorts due to previous horrible experience. However everything at Iberostar was delicious. From an amazing steak house to an exquisite French restaurant to authentic Mexican food, there were so many options. Even the breakfast and lunches were perfect. With fresh fruit, fresh juice and meals that were prepared to your liking.

You’re sure to feel like a Queen.

Our last nights was New Years Eve and I was not ready to return to reality.They had the champagne flowing all night long, and you know we love our Champagne. The resort put on an amazing dinner and show that gave us a great send off. What’s better than celebrating New Years on the beach?! From the amazing views, amazing drinks and service we couldn’t have had a better week!

There’s no place I’d rather be right now than back in Cancun.


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Hey, I’m Amanda! I’m a New York City gal just living life to the fullest. Ever since I was young I always enjoyed traveling, visiting new places and getting accustomed to different cultures. I love going sightseeing and being super touristy even in my own city!  I’m also a big foodie! I love going out and trying new foods but brunch will always be my favorite meal. I live by the 3 Bs: booze, brunch, and black.

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