Visiting the Blue Lagoon + tips | Iceland

Visiting the Blue Lagoon + tips | Iceland

The blue lagoon in Iceland is one of its’ most famous attractions. You see it on Instagram and think that the picture is either fake or must be edited. The truth is the pictures are real and the experience is unreal.The thought of going to a geothermal pool in the middle of the winter made me question my sanity. Even though I had to brave a little bit of cold this was an experience of a lifetime and one I am glad to have done it.

Blue Lagoon Tips & Guide 

blue lagoon tips and guide

Going outside in the dead of winter in only a bathing suit, is not exactly my cup of tea. After getting settled in we braced ourselves and headed for the Lagoon. By the time the coldness hits your body you’re already in the warm water. The funny thing about the blue lagoon is that the water is actually frosty blue! What we see under the water cannot be seen above the water. I know that sounds kind of gross but it’s actually amazing!

We only planned staying for a little but ended up loving it so much we stayed for 3 hours! What could you possibly do at the Blue Lagoon for three hours? Enjoy it! Our package included a free drink and two face masks so we took full advantage. We swam up to the bar and redeemed our free drinks. I enjoyed a pink champagne cocktail and my cousin drank a blue slushy cocktail of some kind. Both were so good and so refreshing and just what we needed to cool down a bit!

Tip: The water is warm so do not forget to hydrate and drink plenty of fluids.

Blue Lagoon Guide| Iceland Female Travel Earth Below Girls

Next we tried our first face mask which was a silica mud mask. We swam up to a different bar where the staff gave us a scoop of our mask. We applied it right in the water and swam around for ten minutes. In that ten minutes I could feel my mask hardening and the front of my hair freezing. We then went back for our second mask, the algae face mask. This time it was green! Again I put it on and left it on for ten minutes. When I was done it was super easy to dip my face in the water and wash it off. You’re not supposed to get your hair wet but mine got a little wet around my face and it kept freezing.

Tip: Afterwards my hair was all fine and I had no damage or excess mineral build up, they provide you with conditioner to slather in your hair to protect it from build up!

Blue Lagoon Guide| Iceland Female Travel Earth Below Girls

Blue Lagoon Guide| Iceland Female Travel Earth Below Girls

The blue lagoon is 98-104 degrees Fahrenheit and replenishes itself every two days. Which means it’s warm and also clean. That’s a good thing because while we were in the lagoon it started hailing! Naturally you would think you would get cold. Think again it didn’t affect us at all! My face was a little cold but I dunked it in the water and it made me instantly warmer.

After swimming around some more we decided to get out and go to the relaxing deck inside. There is an area overlooking the lagoon where you can sit or lay on lounge chairs and take in the view. It felt so good that I didn’t want to leave! The blue lagoon was so relaxing and refreshing, it was exactly what we needed!

Photo tip: If you want to get the best picture outside of the lagoon prepare to freeze, but in the end the amazing picture is 100% worth it. The staff members will take your photo but the view isn’t as nice!

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