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Why Visit North Carolina | Earth Below Girls


There are so many states in the US that you might be keen on visiting, an everyone has their own particular taste in this way. However, sometimes the lesser-visited are actually among the most interesting, and there can be plenty which draws you to any particular state regardless of its particular popularity and so on. A good example is the beautiful state of North Carolina, which is less-visited and yet especially beautiful to visit at pretty much any time of year. 

Why You Need to Visit North Carolina


Why Visit North Carolina | Earth Below Girls

Beautiful Scenery

Much of North Carolina is natural scenery, so if you are someone who travels primarily to see the countryside, then this is definitely the state for you. There is so much beautiful countryside that you can go out there and see. You will find that you can hardly get bored with the amount of sheer variation there is there too. No matter what kind of country view you like, you are bound to find it, as North Carolina has a little bit of everything. If you are ken for a woodland stroll, then there is more of that than you can shake a stick at. If you’re hoping for rolling fields and hills, you’re in luck. Streams and rivers – you bet. Check out Linville Gorge and Falls known as the Grand Canyon of the East or Cape Hatteras where you can spot turtles.

Why Visit North Carolina | Earth Below Girls

Friendly People

Arguably some of the nicest people anywhere in the US and thus the world, North Carolinians are bound to make you feel absolutely at home. This is something everyone wants when they are traveling, if for no other reason than it makes the process and experience of traveling that much easier. You will find the people welcoming, friendly and so much so that you might even find it hard to leave again. It is no wonder Conde Nast named Asheville, North Carolina one of the Top Ten Most Friendly Cities in the USA.

Why Visit North Carolina | Earth Below Girls

Great Accommodation

Something that often surprises people when they visit this state is the sheer amount of fantastic and beautiful accommodation there is to choose from. Given that you have pretty much all kinds of resort to choose between, ranging from great hotels to cute B&B type affairs at the bottom, you can be sure of finding somewhere that will suit you, no matter your budget. Why not check out Architectural Digest’s list of the cutest Airbnb’s in the USA for inspiration. Or if you are looking for something closer to Raleigh check out Hotel Indigo Raleigh Durham Airport At RTP.

Why Visit North Carolina | Earth Below Girls


Not something you would automatically connect with North Carolina, its’ microbrewery scene is bustling. From Wedge Brewing Company to Highland Brewing Company there are a ton of locals brews to try. Check out NC Breweries for a list of all the best places to throw back a pint.


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