What to do in Kamloops, Canada

What to do in Kamloops | Canada

If you’ve been considering a trip to Canada, you should add Kamloops to your bucketlist. I first caught sight of Kamloops on Corry Bondini Instagram and immediately knew I needed to visit. Though it may not be the most well-known of the Canadian cities, it boasts some beautiful wildlife, and it is a great place to relax whilst escaping the hustle and bustle. There are some seriously luxurious places to eat, drink, and shop, so in Kamloops you can get the best of both worlds.

What to do in Kamloops | Canada@sunpeaksresort

Go skiing or snowboarding

Whatever winter sport you’re interested in, Kamloops is certainly the place to make your dreams a reality. From skiing, to snowboarding, and even to sleigh rides, the luxurious resort here will give you a great opportunity to enjoy all that the snow has to offer. On top of this, the views from this area are just beautiful. So you’ll be having a blast whilst taking in the breathtaking surroundings. Sunpeak Resort is a popular choice no surprise when you see the stunning nature around their property.

What to do in Kamloops | Canada

Visit the amazing Kamloops Lake

On the subject of breathtaking views, any seasoned traveller will tell you that there is nothing quite like watching the sunset over a stunning lake. Kamloops Lake puts a lot of these natural wonders to shame, as it is surrounded by some beautiful trees. The lake itself is filled with of a variety of different species of fish, from the rainbow trout to the sockeye salmon. You can go fishing here if that is your thing. If not than take walk through nature, and take in the views all around you. Take a picnic, and a lot of photos, as this is definitely one of nature’s best lakes.

What to do in Kamloops | Canada@TheNoblePigBrew

Try out the restaurants and bars

Kamloops doesn’t just offer stunning nature it is well-known for its wineries, restaurants and bars. If you want to try out some Canadian food then make sure you visit some of the most popular restaurants like the Noble Pig, Hello Toast Cafe and Spice. More Here.  If you’d prefer to be close to the action, look out for a hotel in Kamloops that is within walking distance of all of the bars and eateries, and you’ll be spending your evenings Canadian style!

What to do in Kamloops | Canada
If you’re looking to take a trip to Canada, why not head over to Kamloops, and experience the wonders of the natural world, whilst also treating yourself to some of the best food and wine on offer? We’re not jealous at all…

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