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Verona In Love Guide | Italy

Verona In Love Guide | Verona Day Trip | Verona Guide

Valentine’s day is approaching and it got me thinking back on my favorite V-day weekend spent in Verona. If you paid any attention in high school you will remember that Shakespeare set a certain play in Verona. Romeo and Juliet. Each year before Valentine’s day the city is covered in glitters, hearts and lovers. When I was living in Florence my girlfriends and I headed there for a day trip. Our Verona in Love guide is perfect for a day trip with your girlfriends or boyfriend.

Here’s our day in Verona In Love guide.

Verona In Love Guide | Verona Day Trip | Verona Guide

We went with Florence4Fun and I would recommend them if you are studying abroad. The bus ride is a little over two and half hours but it offers beautiful scenery. The minute you step off the bus you will be the smacked in the face with all things lovey dovey. If you’re not into the whole Valentines thing, you’re not alone, their is still plenty to see in Verona.

Travel Tip: Verona is easily accessible by train from Venice, Florence and Milan in under two hours.

Verona In Love Guide | Verona Day Trip | Verona Guide

We started off our day by heading to Juliet’s balcony where people leave notes scribbled on the wall.  In the courtyard lays a statue of Juliet. Touching her breast is said to bring you luck in love, I cannot confirm this. We then headed to Romeo’s house and wandered through the narrow cobble-stoned streets. We eventually made it to the Adige river and strolled along here stopping to admire the view. We set back towards the Roman amphitheater and had dinner overlooking the piazza.

Travel Tip: On a budget? Many of the attractions are discounted for the festival. Two people can climb the Torre dei Lamberti for the price of one, that is a steal!!

Verona In Love Guide | Verona Day Trip | Verona Guide

You can also climb the Torre dei Lamberti which overlook the square and town. It has the best view in town and you get to burn all the chocolate calories you consumed. The main piazza is covered in a heart shaped carpet and there is a minute in which everyone in the piazza kisses and confetti is thrown. While the rest of the love birds kissed, we danced among the confetti in love with Verona. We got back on our bus with our “hot cocos”having enjoyed the the festival of love.

Even for those who hate the sappy stuff, I have to say this little town was seriously beautiful.


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