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After navigating your way through the Great Ocean Road you will no doubt be ready to stretch your legs. The Twelve Apostles will be the perfect end to your day. If you have read our  Australia Top Experiences Post you’ll know the Twelve Apostles are one of our favorite spots in Australia. So we knew we had to get you guys a Twelve Apostles guide so you can fall in love too.

If you’re lucky you’ll dedicate a few days to marvel at the Victorian coastline. The Twelve Apostles were attached to the limestone cliffs but over millions of years, erosion gave way to the free standing rocks we see now.

Today there are only eight “apostles” and they continue to erode with time. If the collapse of the Dingli cliff in Malta taught us anything, it’s nature waits for no one. So get out there and see it before the apostles are gone. Below are some pictures to get you inspired and some tips for when you do go. 

Here is your Twelve Apostles Guide.

While most tourists prefer to drive along the Great Ocean Road, I was not one of them. Coming from the US, driving in Australia is very scary. Forget about driving on the opposite side, its their lights and traffic rules that tripped me up.

So to spare my life and my sanity I hopped on a tour instead.

There are several vantage points where you can admire the view. Each viewpoint constantly blew my mind. The dramatic landscape coupled with the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, was beautiful. I wanted to sit here for ages and let the waves wash away my worries, just I certain they could. I became envious that anyone could call this place home and vowed to return soon to dedicate more time to exploring below. 

The best time to visit is either at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the shifting colors of the limestone. As part of my tour I went during sunset and while it was cloudy it was still beautiful. I would suggest getting here a bit early to save a spot as it does get crowded during sunset.

Tip: If you are attempting to get some great pictures, I would scoop out in the day time so you know where you will be able to set up.

While doing a tour is great in terms of convenience, it was disappointing that I didn’t get to spend more time at the beach. For this reason I highly recommend you stay here at least one night and that you check the weather to see when it will be a clear day. You can either rent a car, take the train or bus it. There are plenty of places to stay which range from hotels to B&B’s to Airbnb’s.

Eitherway if you’re just visiting for one day or several this is a highlight of any trip to the Victorian coast. 


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