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A weekend trip to Newport Rhode Island is the perfect girls getaway. Newport is one of my favorite weekend getaways from NYC. So we packed up my Jeep and headed for that elusive green light like Jay Gatsby did. Newport is seriously gorgeous from the mansions to nature to the people everything is picture perfect. There is a ton to do, so we narrowed down our top things to do Newport Rhode Island. Of course, it involves a bit of booze, a lot of brunch and Ivy League boys :).


Top Things To Do Newport | USA Travel | Female Travel & Lifestyle Blog | Earth Below Girls

Seeing as the Great Gatsby is my favorite book (yep like most basic betches) I had to go see Rosecliff Mansion where the original Great Gatsby was shot. Along the same street, you’ll find the Breakers which is the mega-mansion built by Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Tip: There are eleven homes, each have their own style and history. If you want to visit a few you can easily spend days exploring your best bet is to pick 2-3 for your first visit. We suggest the Breakers and Rosecliff.


The cliff walk is one of the most well-known things to do in Newport for a good reason. This walk which is about 3.5 miles is a pretty easy walk but goes along a rock and dirt path on an uneven ground. The views are amazing. To one side you have the ocean and to the other, you have mega mansions of Newport’s elite. You can check out Ashley’s post here where she goes in detail about the cliff walk.

Tip: This “walk” isn’t a loop. We parked my car at the beginning and uber-ed it at the end of the walk back to my car. I suggest doing it the other way. Leave your car at the entrance of Memorial Boulevard and Easton’s Beach. Then uber it to the end of the trail and walk towards the entrance of the trail. Finding a cab or uber will be a lot easier at the beach than in the residential area.  


Pretend to belong at Brown. We wandered around campus sipping lemonade slushes talking about politics and global warming. It felt like the type of conversations one had at Brown. But seriously the campus is gorgeous and let’s be honest there is something undeniably cute about flirting with an Ivy League boy while sipping lemonade in the middle of campus.

Steal a yacht. If that isn’t your thing strike up a friendship with a skipper and hop on board or join one of the many cruises available from the docs. They have cruises ranging from different style of boats and class. Either way get yourself on a boat and try not to fall anymore in love with Newport, I dare you.

Tip: Go for sunrise or sunset to get amazing views. We recommend Adirondack’s sunset cruises if on a budget they are only $40 per person.

 Eat. If you have never had seafood there is no time like the present. I had decided a couple of years ago (aka when I was seven) that seafood was not my thing. After realizing I had turned away lobster but had eaten snake eggs in Cambodia I decided it was time to try again. Lobster is good. Crab is good. Seafood is GOOD.

Whether you splurge or try a lobster roll at the many doc side restaurants you are in good hands.

Speaking of eating would I be any kind of basic betch if I didn’t recommend brunch? If you like fresh and wholesome ingredients check out my post on Nick’s on Broadway. If you’re looking for a classier brunch with a killer view than Ashley’s post on Castle Hill’s brunch is a must. Either way just brunch, all the cool kids are doing it you should too. Honorable mention to the Coast Guard House where we had amazing food and wine but for dinner. The restaurant is on the water so bring a cardigan and prepare for a meal with a view.

Live like a local. So now that you’ve sufficiently eatin’ your weight in seafood, you can mingle with the locals. We bounced from bar to bar changing our names, story and majors along the way. It was like musical chairs but with our personalities. Most places don’t charge cover so you can walk in and walk out when you’re over it. The music seemed to be a mix up 90’s pop to 80’s rock ballads to hip hop so just drink and no matter what you’ll have fun. Main Street is where it’s at and you are bound to run into the many different Newport walks of life.


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Hi, I’m Jay. A twenty-something-year-old living in New York. There’s not all that much to say about me other than; I love to eat, drink and travel. I’ve lived in some incredible cities from Paris to New York to Florence, and along the way, I’ve crossed off a ton on my bucket list. I hope we inspire you to go out there and see for yourself, just how beautiful life can be.

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