Top Things to do in Miami, Florida

Top Things to do in Miami | USA

There’s so much to discover when you visit Miami. You’ll find new and interesting experiences whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth. It’s such a vibrant city with an amazing culture. You’ll have no problems finding things to fill your time with while you’re there. From it’s feisty cuban scene to it’s lively night life it truly is a city filled with life.

Top Things to do in Miami

Hit the Beach

Miami Beach is not only the most famous and highly regarded beaches in Miami, but also one of the best-known and most loved in the whole of America. It’s up there with the very best beaches you’ll find anywhere in the world, so be sure to spend some time on it soaking up sun while you’re in Miami. Another option is South Beach while often confused as the same as Miami Beach it has some great boutique hotels.

Explore the Art Deco District

Miami is pretty famous for its Art Deco district. If you’re a fan of this 1920s architectural style, you definitely need to head to this district and stroll the streets at your own pace. It’s a lot of fun seeing these architectural masterpieces up close. The colors of the homes are striking and the designs are even more so. They look strikingly modern even today. This is a great place to get that perfect Instagram shot.

Top Things to do in Miami | USA

Take to the Seas

Chartering a boat for the day is a great way to see Miami from another perspective. There are a ton of boats trips but chartering your own boat or yacht means you can do all the things you want to do. Miami yacht charters are a great way to explore the surrounding waters of Miami and if you have a lot of friends it makes it even more affordable. The thrill of seeing the Miami skyline from your private boat is incredible.

Top Things to do in Miami | USA

Get a Taste of Cuba in Little Havana

Little Havana is where you’ll find all the best Cuban food in Miami. It’s where most of the Cuban immigrants now live and congregate, and the restaurants set up by immigrants over the decade have become local favorites. Be sure to check out as many of these restaurants as you can because the food in there is usually impeccable. Some well known restaurants are VersaillesEl Cristo  and Casa Juancho.

Top Things to do in Miami | USA

Hit the Town

Going out drinking is almost a right of passage for any trip to Miami. There are a ton of different clubs and bars that you are sure to find something you will like. Start the night with salsa dancing classes at Mango’s hosted by Salsa Mia then bar hop. If day drinking is more of your speed check out one of the many pool parties like the one at Hyde Beach Club.

Miami is a city with so much to do and see. No matter what your priorities are or how you like to spend your time you’ll be sure to find fun ways to spend your time. These are just some of the top things to do in Miami, but there are so many more too.


Top Things to do in Miami | USA

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Top Things to do in Miami, Florida

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