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The Green Spot Barcelona

I first came across The Green Spot on Instagram.  All the pictures looked bomb AF so I knew I had to see if it was worth the hype. When I found myself in Barcelona for the week of my birthday I knew the Green spot was at the top of my list. Hint: The Green Spot is totally worth the hype 🙂

The Green Spot Barcelona

The Green Spot Barcelona Food Review

After walking around all morning my friends and I were starving. So I gently suggested, we head on over to the Green Spot. Oh and by gently I mean with such persistence even an army general would cave in to my demands. We came in and with no reservation got seated at the bar. Sitting at the bar is like the ultimate loser seat when eating, in my book. I hate sitting at the bar, even if I’m eating alone give me a god-dame table.

However, these bar made me rethink my stance on the issue.

The bar was low so there wasn’t any awkward moments where we couldn’t reach our food. The chairs are shallow which is optimal for lounging in. The major draw to the bar, is the view. Situated behind the bar is an enclosed garden oasis. This lush tropical portal is the perfect backdrop for a place known for their veggies.

To start I order an Aperol, which is my drink of choice when in Europe. The Green Spot is vegetarian.  Now I know a lot of people will roll their eyes when they realize this place is vegetarian, but it is seriously too good to pass up. This isn’t your typical boring here’s tofu and a leaf with a drizzle of oil. This is the good stuff.

So good you don’t ever second guess your choice once you’ve had a bite.

I got the kale and quinoa salad, with cherry tomatoes, hazelnuts, and a white miso vinaigrette. This was good, so good I started planning when I would be back. The girls got a bunch of different dishes, which they equaled loved. Besides the fact that the food was so fresh it also left us energized and didn’t weigh us down in a food coma. When you have a packed day of sightseeing this is key.

Just as we were almost done a jazz musician came and started playing.

Naturally we lingered a bit longer. I don’t think this place could get any cooler. Looking around it reminded me of a Brooklyn in that were totally cool but don’t notice it. There were the ultimate hip young parents and their seemingly perfectly behaved kids. The chic girls who you would swear were models for Alexander Wang. The perfectly coiffed men gently tapping their fingers to jazz music. It was just so perfectly the hippest place to eat in Barcelona. We recommend calling ahead to reserve a table as this place is popular with the locals.

If not you can always grab a seat at my new favorite spot, the bar.


Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

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