The Best Ways To Explore A New Country

Best Ways to Explore a New Country Earth Below Girls If you don’t go to a new country and immediately want to explore, then are you even visiting that country right!? Yes, sometimes we just need a day at the beach, or perhaps around the pool with cocktails on hand. But more often than not, the country you’re in will have so much to offer, and it would be wrong of you not to want to explore it. There are a ton of different options available that make exploring a new destination easy.  

Below are my Favorite Ways to Explore a New Country


Best Ways to Explore a New Country Earth Below Girls By Car

Exploring by car is probably the first option that comes to mind when traveling. While it seems like the easiest option there are a lot of logistics that come into play when planning a road trip. Firstly renting a car can add up and costs more than just the car rental. You will want to get car insurance and will have to factor in tolls and gas.If you’re young, you might want to check that you can actually drive as well. A lot of countries ask for the driver to be over 25. But, bear in mind, that some places drive on the opposite side of the road so things can get chaotic. If you feel overwhelmed another option would be to hire a driver. This doesn’t need to be expensive check out websites such as You can pick up promo codes that would get you a discount off things such as Uber. Getting around with your own personal driver is a great way to explore and have peace of mind. In Bali we used drivers to explore to far away places we wouldn’t normally have been able to reach. 

Hot Air Ballooning in Provence | France | Female Travel & Lifestyle BlogBy Air

What is better than a view from above. Seeing somewhere from above is sometimes the best way to explore a new place. You could look if there are things such as hot air balloon rides, or even helicopter tours in the area you’re traveling to. I got to see Provence from up above and it was one of my favorite part of my road trip through France. I have even gotten to explore the Great Barrier Reef and NYC in a helicopter and would highly recommend both. 

Best Ways to Explore a New Country Earth Below Girls By Train 

Exploring by train always seems so glamorous and takes you back in time. It also tends to be cheaper than renting a car but faster than taking a bus. Exploring Europe via it’s vast train systems is a right of passage for many young travelers. Easy to use I backpacked my way through Europe a few years back and loved the experience. Next on my bucket list is exploring New England via train during Autumn.

Best Ways to Explore a New Country Earth Below Girls

By Sea

This is usually one of the more peaceful options.  You can take a step back, take in the scenery and enjoy the sun. A lot of boat trips take you to islands close to your destination, so you’ll be exploring more places than you bargained for! I love being out at sea and exploring neighboring islands on a day trip is a great way to see off the beaten paths. I recently did a three day tour of Halong Bay via boat and loved every minute of it. 

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