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If you’re a reality tv junkie like myself then you will know of SUR. I am obsessed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and even more obsessed with Lisa Vanderpump which got me into Vanderpump Rules. The reality television show follows the lives of the staff at Sur Restaurant.

Located in West Hollywood, California and stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant.

When my family took a trip to California two years ago, I insisted that we go because of course I wanted to see the cast in action. Unfortunately for us none of the cast was working that night which was weird because it was a Friday night. I was then convinced from that moment on that they didn’t really work there. It was Valentine’s Day weekend so they had a price fix menu which always makes me nervous but it gave us a taste of everything gold. Everything was amazing, the salads, steaks, chicken and pasta I had to try everyone’s dish! We got chocolate cakes as our dessert and I think I died and went to heaven.

Everything was so good that my father, the king of food, couldn’t stop talking about it.

When we came back to California this year my dad insisted on going back to SUR and I’m so glad that we did. We were staying in Newport Beach but made the trip to West Hollywood just for SUR. The day before we went I received a voicemail from GG confirming my reservation and I was so excited that someone from the show called me. We were off to a good start! When we arrived, I walked in the front door and the first person I saw was Brittany and I was even more excited.

They seated us in the room where the bar is and I couldn’t stop looking around.

As I am looking at the menu and dreaming of the fried goat cheese balls that Stassi always orders I hear a loud laugh from the bar and there is Scheana! Our waitress comes over and although she’s not part of the cast she’s nice enough. Although she did drip my wine a little bit *insert eye rolling emoji*. We also see Peter running all around the restaurant in a navy blue top, what a good looking man!

Behind us is the register so are all of the SURvers.

I order some appetizers. Two orders of the fried goat cheese balls and one order of the chicken and shrimp steamed dumplings. The fried goat cheese balls are amazing! So good that I ate three, they were tiny pieces of heaven to say the least! Next I try the dumplings which were really good but not as good as the goat cheese balls.

I would fly to LA just for more!

For my main course I got filet mignon with a side of mash potatoes and a side salad. The steak was cooked perfectly and the mashed potatoes were so creamy and delicious. Even the salad was great too! My sister got the chicken milanesa napolitana which is just a fancy name for chicken parmesan but was equally delicious! My mom got the seared ahi tuna and was raving about how good it was!

Overall the food was amazing.

We were stuffed but of course tempted by the dessert menu. I ordered the lemonchamp which was a lemon sorbet in champagne. What an awesome dessert! I love champagne and that’s obvious but I also have a weak spot for lemon sorbets when I’m out so this mix was my favorite. We also tried the blackberry cobbler and old fashioned chocolate cake.

Everything was so amazing I cannot wait to come back!


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Hey, I’m Amanda! I’m a New York City gal just living life to the fullest. Ever since I was young I always enjoyed traveling, visiting new places and getting accustomed to different cultures. I love going sightseeing and being super touristy even in my own city!  I’m also a big foodie! I love going out and trying new foods but brunch will always be my favorite meal. I live by the 3 Bs: booze, brunch, and black.


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