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Whenever I see a great travel deal I love telling my friends and family about! My girlfriends can attest to this  in the past two years I have sent them dozens of emails with the subject line ” wanna come?” So many people ask me how I travel so much and what my secret is.


Petra (UNESCO world heritage site), Jordan.


So today I am gonna tell you about one of my “secrets” and tell you how you can enter a giveaway to win a trip to Jordan. 

I score amazing flight deals that save me hundreds of dollars all thanks to Scott’s Cheap Flights. I first heard about Scott’s Cheap Flights from listening to Conde Nast Traveler’s podcast the Travelogue. As soon as I heard about Scott’s email list I signed up for his free version. A few months later after seeing all the amazing deals I signed up for the full service.


So how does it work? Scott is an amazing/wizard/travel hacker/magician. He scours the internet for cheap flights every day and blasts them out to his email subscribers. When you sign-up you select your location and preferable airport. Then every day you get email(s) with the deals he finds. Singing up with the free version gets you one deal a day.  By paying only $19 a year you get every deal he finds for your gateway.

So what kind of deals can you expect? Well I will just tell you about the four major deals I have scored from Scott’s emails recently. All which saved me and my friends hundreds on airfare.


In October 2017 – I scored an amazing deal to travel to Amsterdam for $336.

In September 2017- I scored an amazing deal to travel to Milan for $404.

In March 2017 – I scored an amazing deal to travel to Iceland for $380.

Oh and I am traveling next month to Mexico for $280.

Now for the cherry on top. Scott’s Cheap Flights has teamed up with the tourism board of Jordan for an amazing giveaway. Which you can enter here.


Here’s what the randomly-selected grand prize winner gets:

  • $1,500 USD towards airfare for two
  • An additional $3,000 USD to cover your expenses in Jordan
  • One-on-one assistance from a Jordan Tourism North America specialist who will help you put together the perfect itinerary and book it for you. Your own personal travel concierge.

And in case you need any more reason to go scroll below for some droll worthy shots of Jordan.

*All photos taken from Jordan Tourism Board Instagram

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