Roundup Week Two

Greetings from Thailand. In the hopes of keeping my friends and family up to date I am going to start a new series called the roundup. Every week I will be regaling you with my travel wins, fails and things in-between. You can catch up on last week’s post here.

Keep Reading to read about week two,

which took me from Krabi > Koh Tao > Bangkok.



Day 8

Ashley and I woke up ready to make the most of our day in Krabi. We wanted hike up to Karbi viewpoint. After reading a bunch of conflicting reviews we decided to walk over and see what the hype was about. Now I wanna say we decided very quickly we weren’t gonna do it, but we didn’t. We stood looking at the muddy vertical  “trail”  for a while. We were both trying to get the nerve up to do it.

With no clear end point or information about how long of a climb it was we decided to not die in Karbi.

Instead we headed to Railay beach and did some hiking climbing along the cliffs on the water. The view at the end was stunning and we most definitely worked up a sweat. After we caught a long tail boat to Ao Nang. We checked into a pretty adorable hotel called the Kokotel Krabi Oasis and then went in search of food.

We had an amazing meal albeit a bit pricer for Thai standards at the Carnivore

Day 9

We had a long joinery ahead of us. It took a taxi, one bus and 2 ferries to reach Koh Tao. The ferry ride from Koh Samui to Koh Tao was pretty rough. It was a choppy ride and made a few of the other passengers revisit their lunches. Luckily we would be in Koh Tao for the next few days and could settle in.

The view from our room at the Pinnacle was gorgeous and made the journey worth it.


Day 10

We woke up recharged and headed for Sairee Beach. In a daze from the ferry I didn’t appreciate the trek it took to get to our hotel. We were staying up in the mountains so to get down to main town we were thrown in the back of a pick up truck and drove on unpaved and bumpy roads. It was sort of like a rollercoaster. We settled at Maya Beach club and were even able to paddle board a bit which was a lot of fun.

For dinner we had some yummy cocktails and pad thai at Whitening.

Day 11

I headed down to the pier to meet Michelle a coworker turned friend. Michelle has been traveling Southeast Asia for 5 months now so I haven’t seen her in a hot minute. She is amazing and decided to meet us in Koh Tao and I was so excited to see her. We grabbed lunch at Brother & Sister and then headed for the beach. Ashley meet up with us for dinner and we ended up going out. Koh Tao’s nightlife scene is a bit strange. There seemed to either low key spots or places where it looks like every frat boi from Minnesota came to party.

Luckily we can have fun where ever we go.

Day 12

Another day another beach:) After baking in the sun like a Lay’s potato chip we worked up an appetite. We had lunch at Vegeabowl and I am still dreaming about it. It’s been hard to find veggies on the island. We had all been craving simple yummy fresh veggies and this spot was perfect. We each got salad bowls I got the Mexican which was sublime and a nutty banana smoothie.

I swear my whole body was smiling at the break from eating carbs.

Day 13

Up and away we go. Another long day of traveling. Ashley, Michelle and I headed for Bangkok. After a two hour ferry ride and eight hour bus ride I was back in Bangkok. As you can imagine not a whole lot happened on that bus except for me eating peanuts and binge watching Parks & Recs. After checkin into our hostel we grab some food at Central World and then headed to Red Sky Rooftop Bar for drinks. The view was insane and going to a rooftop bar is a must when you are in Bangkok.

You can see how massive the most visited city in the world is.

Day 14

Happy Songkran. Today we took to the streets to celebrate Songkran with the locals. Songkran is the celebration of the Thai New Year. Everyone takes to the streets and there is a massive water gun fight. We got some guns and partook in a two mile march across town.

This was honestly not what we planned on doing in Bangkok but was so much fun.

Later that night we had dinner at Cabbage & Condoms before heading to Khao San road. On a normal day Khao San road is crazy. This is the party street and where all the party hostels are. But the level of insanity we saw was crazy. The water gun fight was still in full swing mixed in with drugs and alcohol so as you can imagine it was a shit show. We found refuge after a while at a bar which overlooked the street. Being in our safe and sane cocoon we tough the party had died down by 1am. Atlas the crowd seemed rowdier and we somehow managed to escape Khao San road.

We said goodbye to Michelle as we continued our journey to Chaing Mai.


At a Glance


  • Thinking we were gonna climb the slippery vertical “trail” that lead to a viewpoint.
  • The ferry ride from Koh Samui to Koh Tao was really testing my strong sea stomach and while I didn’t get sea sick I won’t ever get on another ferry without taking Dramamine.


  • Meeting up with Michelle in Koh Tao. Even tough it only been gone two weeks it was nice to see a familiar face. Koh Tao in general was amazing and our favorite Island so I was glad we all got to be there together.
  • Joining in on the Songkran festival was amazing. The locals were so inviting and the energy was unreal a truly amazing experience.


  • Day 8 Krabi
  • Day 9-12 Koh Tao
  • Day 13-14 Bangkok

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