Roundup Week One

Greetings from Thailand. In the hopes of keeping my friends and family up to date I am going to start a new series called the roundup. Every week I will be regaling you with my travel wins, fails and things in-between.

Days 1-2

I left New York on April 1 after a lot of tearful goodbyes. I have been talking about this trip for so long but when the day came I was shocked it had actually arrived. The last week in New York was stressful. I thought quitting my job two weeks ahead would give me plenty of time to do everything but it did not.  It probably would have had I not binged watched 6 season of Parks and Recreation. Splitting my time between friends, family and travel duties made for a chaotic last few days. Eventually, I got almost everything done.

Saying goodbye is always hard and I tend to be one of those ugly hysterical freaks. If everything goes to plan this will be the longest I have been away from my family. So it was a real emotional goodbye and then I was off to the airport to meet Ashley. Our journey began from New York heading to Doha which is about 11.5 hours. I was impressed with Qatar everything was amazing. Considering my ticket cost $350 I felt like I was flying business. Then in Doha we caught a 6.5 hour flight to Phuket.

Finally we arrived in Phuket Thailand on April 3 at 6 Am.

Day 3

Ashley and I were surprisingly energetic after a 29 hour trip. We decided to beat the jet lag we’d hit the ground running. So naturally for us that meant heading to the beach at 9 am. The water was the warmest water I have ever been in and so crystal clear. We had dinner at Naughty Nuri a spot famous for its pork ribs and for good reason. After dinner it was a fight to stay awake and eventually I crashed at 8 pm.

For the rest of the week Ashley and I would get up everyday around 6am whether we wanted to or not.


Patong Beach

Naughty Nuri’s

Day 4

We had breakfast at Cafe Siam a cute little eatery owned by an Australian woman. She was a doll and the food was so yummy. We then headed to Karon View Point. Karon viewpoint overlooks the surrounding bays. When we arrived at 11am it was packed with tourists. We had to fight to get some shots but the view was stunning. We then headed to Karon Beach which while larger was equally as nice as Patong Beach. We had an early dinner at this hole in the wall spot called the Pad Thai Shop. Here we had chicken pad Thai. It was so yummy and easily in the top 3 best pad thai. Number 1 of you’re wondering is my first pad Thai I had years ago in Thailand on the floating markets. We got sunset drinks at the surface rooftop bar atop of the la flora hotel.

The sunset was gorgeous, shocking I know.

Karon Viewpoint

Pad Thai Shop

Sunset at the Surface Rooftop Bar

Day 5

We we got on a ferry for Koh Phi Phi. I was kind of surprised when we saw our ferry, I though it would be a dump. Instead it was air conditioned, provided some snacks and had Mr. Bean on. We arrived in Koh Phi Phi unaware of the physical torture we would soon endure.

We figured when we docked we’d take a taxi or walk to our hotel as it didn’t seem that far on the map. When we got there a porter was waiting for us. He grabbed our bags and dropped them into a trolly and we followed him. We thought we must be getting close to the car. Okay no car but the hotel? 15 minutes later we arrived at a hill and he told us to take our bags the rest of the way. So along we went with our 25+ pound backpacks in the dead of summer heat at noon sweating to the top of the hill. When we reached reception we were dripping in sweat. After catching our breaths we checked in and were off for a Maya Bay sunset tour.

This had been on my list for a while now ever since I saw the film adaption of one of my favorite books the Beach. We boarded a long tail boat which took us to Monkey beach, the Viking Cave and Maya Bay. In between we got to snorkel and swim at different spots. When we got to Maya Bay late in the evening it was packed so after some quick photos we headed to do more snorkeling.

We even got to snorkel at night with bioluminescent plankton which made me feel like I was in Avatar.

Maya Bay

Koh Phi Phi Islands

Maya Bay

Day 6

We hung out by our hotel pool which had pretty incredible views. In the afternoon we headed to the Princess Beach Resort for a pool party they host every Friday. Ashley and I are still sore from swimming and keeping our beers afloat.

View from the Cobble Beach Hotel

Day 7

We were able to get some work done hanging out by the pool again. We then made the trek back to Tonsai Pier to grab a ferry to Krabi. Once we arrived in Krabi we took a 15 minute walk to our hotel. The hotel’s water pipe had broken and there was no water, the pool was black and the whole place smelled of trash. We quickly rebooked a resort down the road since it was getting dark out. They were so sweet and upgraded our room for free to a gorgeous bungalow. I had my first ever Massaman which is amazing and I ate the whole damn pot.

Well fed and in a gorgeous bungalow that finishes off week 1.

At a Glance


  • It seems that walls in Thailand are really thin. Which makes falling asleep and staying asleep hard. I only brought my cheap earplugs which do nothing so I’ll have to pick some new ones in Bangkok.

  • We’ve had to rebook two ferries since we started. First time was because they booked us incorrectly in the direction we were going. Second time was because I picked the most direct ferry and not the one closest to our hotel.


  • Watching the sunset from the surface rooftop bar in Patong.

  • Going on the Maya Bay tour. Everything about it from our group, to lunch, to snorkeling was perfect.


  • Day 1-2 NY – Doha – Phuket
  • Day 3-4 Phuket
  • Day 5-6 Koh Phi Phi
  • Day 7 Krabi

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