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Winter In Reykjavik Guide | Iceland

Winter In Reykjavik Guide | Iceland guide | Female Travel Blog


To start our adventure we decided to go ice skating. Right across the street from our hotel through the woods was the cutest rink. It was extremely cold but we rented skates and were on our way. I haven’t skated in years and it was super terrifying but I made it! This place was family friendly and I was so impressed with these kids and their skill. After we finished skating we bought a bunch of Icelandic treats and tried them back at our hotel. Some were delicious others were not so much! For some giggles you can watch our tasting experience here

Wanting to explore downtown we hopped on the bus. The bus system was super easy to follow and we were lucky that there was a stop right in front of our hotel. Once we got downtown it was so peaceful. Being from New York City I have never seen such a quiet and relaxing city. We walked around and went shopping to visit local shops and mingle with the locals. The style of clothing is very different there but it was interesting to see Icelandic fashion.

Tip: clothing was expensive so spend wisely and shop from local boutiques to get the best deal!

After working so hard shopping we were ready for lunch. There seemed to be a very big Thai influence as we found so many noodle places. There was also quite a few bars and restaurants but we settled on noodles. They were delicious, however for two bowls of noodles and two drinks it came out to about $45! We also found a huge Dunkin’ Donuts which when you are abroad is always super strange to see. They had a huge variety of donuts and they were all up against this clear wall and looked amazing! We were too stuffed to buy anything but it all looked so good. A lot of locals were hanging out there enjoying coffee.

Tip: We found the food to be very expensive in Reykjavik so make sure to do research and know the conversion rate.

When downtown you can’t miss a stop at the Harpa opera house. We stumbled upon it and we were so impressed. It was super quiet inside as there was a concert in session but we walked around and got to take it all in. The windows were floor to ceiling, showcasing the view of the water and mountains. Saying it was beautiful is an understatement. After our day of exploring Reykjavik we headed back to our hotel. Although we got a little lost but eventually made it back. It was such an amazing day and I was so glad we got to enjoy the town and learn a little bit about it’s history.

Tip: Reykjavik is covered with street art that makes the perfect backdrop for a selfie or just for browsing so keep you eyes peeled.


Winter In Reykjavik Guide | Iceland guide | Female Travel Blog

Everyone in Iceland was super nice and accommodating, New Yorkers take note!


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