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Red Rooster Brunch NYC

On a particularly blazing hot Sunday morning, like always we set out for the perfect brunch spot.Wanting to try something new we headed uptown to Spanish Harlem. We had wanted to try Sylvia’s but the line was bananas. Just a few steps down, like ten to be exact, we found The Red Rooster. This cute Spanish/ retro joint would become our new favorite spot in Harlem. They have a seriously epic soul food brunch and the live jazz band and décor is the cherry on top.

Red Rooster Brunch



Red Rooster Spanish Harlem Brunch Guide Red Rooster Spanish Harlem Brunch Guide

Red Rooster is our favorite brunch spot in Spanish Harlem. As soon as you walk in you are welcomed with a live jazz band and a laid back ambiance. The place is teaming with artist and bohemians lounging around. We were famished, so we decided to forgo sitting in air conditioning and ate outside in the shade.

While it was beautiful, it was REALLY hot out, so we suggest getting there early for a coveted inside table.

The menu offers some seriously yummy soul food. Which to be honest was a welcomed change. To start we got cornbread and went big with the spicy Caribbean punch bowl. The punch bowls are epic trust us and get one. Amanda and I shared the Bird, Gravy & Waffle and a Chopped Chicken Salad. The chicken and waffles are the best

I’ve ever had. At first I was hesitant about the gravy and was going to ask for it on the side.

I’m totally glad I didn’t, because it was seriously amazing and a nice contrast to the sweet doughy waffle.
The chopped chicken salad was light and fresh but amped up with the inclusion of fried chicken. We also got a side of Mac & Cheese with collard greens. Collared in my opinion are the veggies you never knew were missing from brunch.

Red Rooster is worth the trip uptown and we’ll be adding it to our usual rotation of brunch spots.

Red Rooster Spanish Harlem Brunch Guide Red Rooster Spanish Harlem Brunch Guide Red Rooster Spanish Harlem Brunch Guide

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