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Munich Beer Gardens

Beer and Germany go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Munich is the creme de la creme of this pair. Not drinking beer in Munich would be like not going to a Chanel store in Paris – it just doesn’t happen (at least in my personal experience). I went to Munich to visit my friend who was au pairing there at the time, and who naturally knew of all the best beer gardens in the city.

Munich Beer Gardens

Full disclosure, I am nowhere near a beer connoisseur, but I had absolutely no trouble sucking down a liter (or two) at each beer garden we went to. I honestly can’t even remember how many gardens we ended up going to, probably because 1. I was drunk and 2. there are so many in the city, it’s hard to keep track.

My three favorites that we went to were definitely Hofbräuhaus, Chinesischer Turm, and Seehaus.


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 The first place my bff-turned-tour guide took me to was Hofbräuhaus. This beer garden is a touristy beer garden in Munich. Think of it as the Times Square of beer gardens, where all the locals rolled their eyes when we told them we were going. But! You have to do the touristy things your first time in a new city, so I was more than happy to go. This was the perfect kickoff to my weekend in Germany. Hofbräuhaus is right in the heart of the city, surrounded by clean cobblestone streets and beautiful bavarian buildings. You feel like you’ve stepped right into a fairytale.

With a liter of beer in my system and the full bavarian band playing in the corner, I knew I would like Munich.


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Chinesischer Turm and Seehaus are both in English Garden. English Garden is a massive park with the Isar River running through it. Living in NYC, I’m so not used to seeing people swim in bodies of water in or around the city, but this river is so pristine, locals say you can drink from it. If you’re in Munich in the summertime, a float down the river is a must.

But anyway, back to beer – Chinesischer Turm, or Chinese Tower, is literally just an oriental tower in the middle of the park surrounded by a beer garden.

We grabbed a lunch of beer, sausages, and french fries with mayo (a German delicacy, apparently) to nurse our hangovers from the night before. My friend warned me that I would not put one healthy thing in my body during my trip, and she definitely wasn’t wrong.

Bavarian food is breaded, fried, and loaded with carbs, but is also delicious and 100% worth it.


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My personal favorite beer garden we went to was Seehaus. Seehaus which is also in English Garden and is right on Kleinhesseloher Lake. We went at sunset and sat along the lake for hours with beers that were as big as our heads and oversized soft pretzels. It was definitely the best way to end my first trip to Germany.

So if you like beer, or just alcohol in general, a trip to Munich should absolutely be at the top of your list!

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