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Four Days In Montreal Guide | Girls Getaway to Montreal

Ashley and I had been back and fourth on where we were gonna spend NYE. With two weeks left of 2016, it looked like we were gonna be spending it in Manhattan. After realizing the drive to Montreal was under six hours we decided Montreal was our last trip of 2016. Driving down after our trip, two things kept popping up in my mind. One was how beautiful the drive was and second was how badly I wanted to go back to Montreal.

Everyone kept asking us what we were going to do in Montreal as if it was such a ludicrous idea. We simply replied “eat and drink,” And that’s exactly what we did. I didn’t have high of expectations for Montreal, but I left so impressed. Montreal’s food scene is worth the visit all in itself. Add in its European charm and how afford it is, and this is the perfect place for any budget.

Whether visiting for a girls getaway, a weekend trip or as a solo female traveler, its the perfect trip for anyone.

Girls Getaway to Montreal

Four Days In Montreal Guide | Girls Getaway to Montreal

Day One

We left on Friday and I wish I could say it was smooth sailing. Our trip up to the border went seamless. However, once we reached the border we knew our good luck was running out. We sat in stand-still traffic for what seemed like forever. Forever in case you were wondering meant two hours. When it was our turn, we had our passports and my car registration handy for the immigration officer. We made it back to our hotel just before midnight and collapsed right away.

Travel Tip: When crossing the border, always makes sure to know how long you will be in the country, the name and address of your hotel and have all important documents out and ready.

Four Days In Montreal Guide | Girls Getaway to Montreal

Day Two

We woke up and walked to a cute little bakery across the street for croissants and cappuccinos. After walking around a little we headed to Fabergé for brunch. After waiting 45 min in a freezing tundra we were finally rescued and seated. Automatically I could tell this place was a mecca for hipsters looking to brunch. The space itself was modern-industrial with a splash of glam.

I ordered the chicken and waffles and it was love at first bite.

We then walked back in a snowy paradise and took in the European charm Montreal summons. After a little nap, we got ready and headed out for our NYE dinner and party at the Hyatt. The place was massive and more importantly the DJ was amazing that  night. It was open bar so as you can imagine we had a lot of fun. The party continued well into 5 am.

Four Days In Montreal Guide | Girls Getaway to Montreal

Day three

Unfortunately for me and my twenty-something body, I don’t bounce back as I once did. I’ll save you the gruesome details and ill leave at, I had the worst hangover of my life.  I somehow managed to make it to brunch. While I couldn’t stuff my face everything I did have was delicious.

Suite 701 is the kind of brunch place you envision the girls from sex in the city eating at.

After feeling like we weren’t quite human enough we returned to our hotel to relax and nap. Awoken from the dead, we headed to dinner at La Sociēte. This french bistro transported us all the way across the ocean to Paris. Everything from the decor to the service to the menu was impeccable.

Technically my first meal of 2017 and it was impeccable.

Four Days In Montreal Guide | Girls Getaway to Montreal

Day Four

Our last day emerged and I was finally over my hangover. We headed to the Notre Dame Basilica and walked around old Montreal. This city is seriously beautiful, even in the freezing cold, its allure cannot be missed. It’s french elements can be seen everywhere and it really is like a mini Europe. Our last stop before leaving Montreal was Brunch at EAT or Etre Avec Toi. Located in the W Hotel, this was the coolest looking place we had been to. The food was the perfect last meal in Montreal.

Although sad to leave, we hadn’t even crossed the border before Ashley and I were plotting out next adventure.


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