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Lisbon La Pharmacia | Food | Portugal

La Pharmacia located in the Barro Alto area of Lisbon, is the Portuguese restaurant of my dreams. Growing up in a Portuguese household it was a foodie’s dream. I got amazing meals cooked by two very talented chefs all for free. When I headed to Lisbon for my birthday I was fully prepared to stock up on those traditional Portuguese flavors. If you have read my post on the Top Reasons to Visit Portugal, you’ll know I am a big fan of Portuguese food.

Yet,once I arrived it was very clear that Lisbon’s food scene had undergone a transformation.

 The first thing we should talk about is the name. La Pharmacia means drug store in Portuguese. The restaurant is inside of Lisbon’s apothecary museum. Everything from the decor to the drink menu relates to this quirky theme. The signature cocktails all have fun names like DoctorSour or Elixir.  Oh and yes they are delicious. The wait staff are friendly and give great suggestions. If eating in a cute villa isn’t your cup of tea, they have seating outside on the main lawn. As in added bonus it’s steps away from the famous MIRADOURO DE SANTA CATARINA. So once you are done stuffing your face, you can head to there for some spectacular views.

Here is what we devoured in Lisbon La Pharmacia.

Lisbon La Pharmacia | Food | Portugal

The menu takes a modern approach to Portuguese cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. The plates are set up to share which makes tasting a bunch of dishes easier. We started off with the cauliflower creamed soup with green leaves. Followed by a green salad with goat cheese, caramelized walnuts, arugula and a mango slushy. Then came the carolino rice with chick peas, pumpkin, sweet potato and mint. For our meat dish we got the free range chicken stew with carrot and orange carolino rice. Lastly we got the white chocolate creme brûlée for desert.

Lisbon La Pharmacia | Food | Portugal

I will say this was far too much food for two people. I love soup, I’m one of those freaks who will eat soup outside when its 90 degrees. So I was not surprised when I loved this cauliflower soup. Rich and creamy all while still being simple in the best way. The goat cheese salad was a knock out. This was by far one of my favorite dishes and probably one of the best salads that I have ever had. This coming from an ex-vegetarian means a lot.

Everything from the crunchy leaves, to the warm goat cheese to the sweet mango slushy was just sublime.

Lisbon La Pharmacia | Food | Portugal

The rice dish was redundant seeing as our chicken came with rice but was still very delicious. The chicken was moist and tender and had such great flavors it was finger licking good. Of course even though we couldn’t finish our food we decided life was no fun without desert.

We ordered the white chocolate creme brûlée and I’m ashamed at how fast we devoured it.

Lisbon La Pharmacia | Food | Portugal

This was not only one of the best meals I had in Portugal but it was also fun !! The food with the ambiance makes this a must if dinning in Lisbon. The menu ranges in price but is budget friendly.

If you are in Lisbon La Pharmacia is a must!!


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    J Armstrong
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    I always wanted to visit New York. For some reason it has it’s own mystical appeal, that entice visitors. Thanks so much for the details to some key tourist attractions.

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