Learning to Cook with Chef Bagus | Bali

Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you will know my love for all things food. This has translated into wanting to learn how to cook. There is no better way than to try local delicacies than by taking a cooking class. I have loved taking class with Cookly an online booking platform for cooking classes. I had the chance to take a cooking class with Chef Bagus at his new cooking school. Focusing on authentic Balinese cooking his flare for food made this cooking class a blast.

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Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus in Bali

Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus in Bali


After our included hotel pick up we headed to a market. Doing a market tour is a great way to learn about local tradtions and see the local way of life. Then it was off to Chef Bagus restaurant and cooking studio. You should know that as far as experience is concerned Chef Bagus is one of the best. He has 28 years of experience in Balinese cooking. This has taken him around the world promoting Balinese cuisine. He has worked in celebrated kitchens at 5 star hotels such as the Grand Hyatt, Fairmont, and Burj Al Arab hotels. He was most recently Annika Group’s most highly reviewed instructor at Nia Cooking School in nearby Seminyak.

Chef Bagus has now opened his own cooking school in the Kuta area.

His knowledge of food the the industry is unparalleled. He is an expert in all things Balinese cuisine. Thus his focus on teaching Balinese dishes are truly traditional. I really appreciated his commitment to teaching a course that is authentic. During my class I not only learned about Balienese food but amazing insider tricks on cooking. Just two of the tricks we learned  was how to keep a steak juicy and how to test a steaks temperature.

He debunked a ton of cooking faux pas and taught us insider chef secrets that will elevate anyones skill level.

The class is focused on group engagement and interaction which makes it great for large groups and to meet fellow travelers. Chef Bagus has a fire ball personality and his excitement for cooking is inspiring and contagious. He is quite the jokester and skilled at ensuring everyone participated and was having fun.

This was the most animated and cooking class I have been.

Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus in Bali Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus in Bali

We learned a ton of things about Balienese cooking. I loved getting to fold banana leaves in different ways and learning how locals fold different dishes into different shapes. Chef Bagus was even  impressed with my little hand bag banana fold. We learned to make yummy paste that was a traditional base for many Balinese dishes. Of course we made a TON of food. My favorite dish to prepare was the Mie Goreng a traditional Balinese fried noodle that locals eat often.

Below are the mouth watering dishes you will make with Chef Bagus

  • Basic spice paste for Chicken
  • Roasted Chicken in Banana Leaf
  • Braised Pork in Sweet Soy sauce
  • Traditional minced seafood sate
  • Minced chicken into banana leaf
  • Green papaya or green bean salad
  • Assorted vegetable with peanut dressing
  • Peanut sauce
  • Sweet corn and coconut snack
  • Fried noodle with Chicken

Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus in Bali

After cooking up a storm and smelling all the yummy spices we couldn’t wait to feast. We sat with our new friends and devoured everything. I am not a pork fan normally but I absolutely loved the braise pork in soy sauce. The Mie Goreng was the best I have ever had and I loved doing “shots” of sweet corn with coconut cream.

I don’t think a single crumb was left behind.

Part cooking class part comedy class Chef Bagus is a riot so it is not surprising to see why in the short time his class has been around it has been climbing up to the number 1 cooking class in Seminyak. Learning to cook with Chef Bagus is an epic experience that deserves a spot on your bucket list.

You can learn more and book your cooking class with Chef Bagus and Cookly here.

Learning to Cook with Cookly Chef Bagus in Bali

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