Learning to Cook with Baan Thai Cookery School | Thailand

Learning to Cook with Baan Thai Cookery School | Thailand

Ever since I came to Thailand three years ago I have been obsessed with thai food. So when I came to Thailand I knew that I wouldn’t have any problems finding yummy food. After hearing from a friend who tired a cooking class in Chiang Mai I knew that I needed to attend a class. Thats where I found Baan Thai Cookery School through Cookly. They had great reviews and were affordable so I thought what the heck lets do it. My expectations were set pretty high but learning to cook with Baan Thai Cookery far exceeded them.

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Baan Thai Cookery School


We were picked up from our hotel and led to a local market. Here we learned about different types of produce from how they are farmed to packaged. We even got to have a little taste as well. Then we were off to Baan Farm where we would begin. Right away we were pleasantly surprised to see that the class would just be Ashley and I. While the farm does keep their class sizes small this made the experience even more special.

Everyone at the farm made us feel so welcomed and suited us up in our aprons.

You get to pick from a list beforehand what you would like to cook. The first two dishes were fried spring rolls and Tom kah kai soup, a northern Thai specialty. Learning to roll my own spring roll was really interesting. While mine were not perfect by the end I somewhat mastered it. Making Tom nah kai soup was super fascinating. The ingredients do not go in all at once but instead are timed perfectly to get the right flavor balance.

When we got to eat them I was shocked by home yummy they both were.

Then we went along the farm picking some fresh veggies for our next dishes pad see ew and green curry. Up until four years ago I refused to eat curry. It was in Berlin of all places that I finally tried curry and I was surprised by how much I liked it. So I was super excited to make the green curry. We made the curry paste from scratch. What that all means is Ashley and I had a full arm workout getting everything to a nice smooth paste.

From there on everything else was pretty easy.

Pad see ew is similar to pad thai yet very different. It has thick egg noodles with kale and a thicker soy sauce. I felt like an official cook making my pad see ew. So here is where I was a bit intimated to try my food. I gave myself a pep talk before I ate and told myself to go easy on me I am not an experience chef so don’t be disappointed. Boy was I wrong. My green curry and pad see ew was the best I had ever had. Everything was so fresh and I swear I seriously questioned whether or not I had made them. Last but not least we got to learn how to make mango sticky rice.

This was beyond yummy and I am embrassed to admit at 26 is when I realized I liked mangos.

I can whole heartedly recommend Baan Thai Cookery. Everything from pick up, to the local market, to the class was perfect. Everyone was so attentive and answered all our questions. Ashley and I both agreed this was our favorite meal in Thailand. Not only are they fairly priced but the amount of food you make is massive. So massive Ashley and I (trained eaters) had to take leftovers home.

If you are looking for an authentic hands on way to learn about Thai food check out Cookly to book our cooking class.

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    May 10, 2018 at 11:20 am

    I love that you’re learning to cook in each place you visit, keep it up girls!

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    May 3, 2018 at 4:19 am

    This is so cute I am going to Chiang Mai in two weeks, we will definitely be checking them out !

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    May 2, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Learning to cook Thai food has been a dream of mine does the school offer intensive classes ?

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