KOL Restaurant Reykjavik | Iceland

KOL Restaurant Reykjavik | Iceland

Kol located a short walk from Hallgrimskirkja is a must for foodies exploring Reykjavik. Hearing that meals can sometimes be not so yummy, this breaks that myth. Kol like you may have guessed means coal in English. Here they serve up some of the best food in Reykjavik.

The space a mix of industrial chic with rugged cottage touches, it instantly makes you feel at home. This inviting space sets up the perfect ambiance to sit and talk with your friends while enjoying an amazing meal. The menu is great for so many eaters, whether you love seafood, steak or are vegan there are options for everyone. Priscilla and I decided to dive head first and get the three course set menu.

Dining at KOL Restaurant Iceland

KOL Restaurant Reykjavik | Iceland

The first course was risotto featuring wild mushrooms, pulled beef brisket, lemon confit and parmesan cheese. I am not a huge mushroom or risotto fan but was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful yet simplistic the dish was. The brisket added a textural twist that was very appealing.

Then came our meat dish. Tenderloin of beef & braised ox brisket, horseradish potato purée, mushrooms, almonds, sweet potato purée, pickled shallots and truffle sauce. This was superb. I don’t think there was a single thing on that plate that wasn’t beyond delicious. The beef was tender and cooked to perfection. The ox brisket was moist, smokey and was better than my nana’s brisket. Even the tiny mushrooms which I kept referring to as “so cute” were so good I couldn’t resist.

Priscilla got the truffled tenderloin of beef so we could split and that was the second best steak I have ever had. No words just get it. Finally, we had the white chocolate cheesecake with passion fruit, licorice parfait, baked white chocolate, and granola. This was no surprise amazing. It managed to be savory, sweet and still refreshing, which for a cheesecake is hard to do.

KOL Restaurant Reykjavik | Iceland

Overall this was an incredible dining experience and I plan to return back to Kol and try out some other treats. While the menu is not budget by any means it was worth every penny. For the amount of food we got coupled with the quality and drinks I’d say $80 for what we got was a fair price. Their tasting menus are very popular and come recommended by other bloggers and friends. Kol does book up fast. I made a reservation a month in advance and by then a bunch of time slots had been taken.

Kol is a must when visiting Iceland.


Skólavörðustígur 40, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

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