How to Return to a Destination

How to Return to a DestinationWe all know that heartbreaking feeling leaving a destination we’ve loved. Nothing’s worse than needing to leave a place which speaks to you like the home you never knew you needed. Often, our last night in a dream destination is spent saying goodbye to new friends and making last visits to the bars and restaurants which feel like home. It can be a tear-filled and challenging experience. The chances are that you feel distinctly blue as you step onto that planeThe worst thing about saying goodbye like this is that you know you’ll probably never return. Even if you do, it may not be for a long time.  But, there are ways to hold onto those special places which speak to your heart.  While you will need to put some thought in, it’s possible to ensure you can afford and have the motivation to visit again.

How to Return to a Destination

How to Return to a Destination

Buy a Holiday Rental

This may be extreme for some but it is worth considering. If you’re in a financial position to either buy a property overseas or even look out for land for sale, you could cement your relationship with this destination for good. While there would be an extreme upfront cost, renting out the property when you are not there can make it a great investment. Add to that the fact that you can get away at any time for the price of your flights, and this makes it the easiest of the options. You would no longer need to feel guilty about revisiting this location. Instead, you could head there whenever you fancied. This also gives you an ongoing incentive to come back. You’ll need to do regular checks on your property, or keep an eye on building work if you’re commissioning a new build.

How to Return to a Destination

Get a timeshare

Timeshare often sounds like a dirty word. You can blame the hard-sale tactics of salespeople for that. But, if your heart settles on a place, this would be well worth considering. You pay a set amount for a number of years to own a share of a vacation home or apartment. This amount is often much less than the price of a property. Still, this means you can return to your destination for cheap at least a few times a year. Again, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring elsewhere as well. The only downside to this is that you can’t make a profit on that property. But, the cheaper upfront cost can still make this a worthwhile option if you aren’t in a position to buy.

How to Return to a Destination

Keep in contact with friends

Even if you don’t fancy spending large sums of money, something as simple as keeping in touch with the friends you’ve made here can ensure goodbye doesn’t last forever. If nothing else, the need to catch up with those old friends provides a decent motivation to return. Why not offer to put up your new friends at your place back home and then they could host you ion return at your dream location?  It could help you avoid the cost of accommodation during your stay. What’s more, you’ll then be able to get a much more authentic travel experience of the destination in question, which will only make you love it more. All because of the new friends you have made.

How to Return to a Destination

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to set down roots in your favorite destinations. Admittedly, not every point mentioned here will be an option. Still, bearing methods like these in mind could be all it takes to ensure you stay close to the destinations which touch your heart the most.

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