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The Perfect Food Day In Capri | Italy


I hate to admit this, but on my first trip to the beautiful island of Capri I was incredibly hungover. The “Granita” has a very special place in my heart, because it literally brought me back to life. If you have read Jay’s Top Things To Do In Capri, you’ll be perfectly set up for some exploring off the beaten path. Now I wanna take you on the eatin’ path. 

Below is my perfect food day in Capri.

In my eyes, the granita has special healing powers. This quintessential summer Italian drink/slushy is a great way to stay cool in the middle of summer heat and is a yummy alternative to gelato. My favorite flavor is half lemonade and half blood orange. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

After exploring Capri and munching on some granita, you will work up an appetite. Da Gioia should be your next stop the minute hunger sets in. Da Gioia by far has the best caprese salad on Capri (if not in the entire world) and is a must for sea side dinning. This restaurant is built on stilts directly over the Mediterranean and the views at sunset are out of this world. The food is incredibly fresh and very authentic. I recommend eating any seafood dish on the menu, it won’t disappoint. 

I can’t talk about Capri without mentioning limoncello. You know the saying “When life hands you lemons make lemonade” well in Italy “When life hands you lemons you make limoncello.” Walking down the streets you’ll see many stores that offer a wide range of “lemon” products. Most stores offer limoncello tasting. If you’re lucky you might even get a chance to try limoncello variations made with fruits or pistachio nuts. Either way tasting limoncello is a must when you are in Italy and what better place to do so then in Capri? So end your day drinking some limoncello and enjoy the many sunset spots in Capri.


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Hi, I’m Priscilla. I was born and raised in Florida the sunshine state. I came to NYC to pursue my dream of working in fashion. I’ve traveled all my life but it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Florence that I became addicted. Since then I’ve traveled to dozens of far away places from Budapest to Bangkok. A foodie at heart I love trying native cuisines, shopping at international markets and connecting with locals.

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