Top Things to do in Dubai | UAE

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

Why, is Dubai’ drawing major crowds of tourists to the city everyday? Well, Dubai boasts some of the tallest, biggest and boldest building projects. Like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Islands for example. The city is also home to some of the world’s first class hotels and resorts. Plus, there’s a ton to do in Dubai apart from checking out popular tourist spots. Come with us and let’s take you on a journey through some truly great experiences to be had in Dubai.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

1. Sizzling Dubai Desert Safari

One of the greatest experiences you can have in Dubai is the desert safari. You can opt for the early morning desert safari to enjoy the view of the sunrise breaking over the dunes, or an afternoon safari with all its fun adventure games. Sign up for the evening desert safari to enjoy an exclusive dinner and entertainment in the welcome tent. If you are a true romantic, opt for the overnight desert safari. Here you get to spend the night under the stars after a sizzling night of belly dancing and henna tattooing and feasting on a yummy dinner.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

2. Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Desert

There’s no better way to see the entire desert from the unparalleled advantage of the clouds. My favorite is by hot air balloon. Sign up for an early morning hot air balloon ride, and enjoy watching the sun rise over the distant dunes from a height. It’ll be the most unbelievably romantic experience of a lifetime! In the desert it’s cool early in the morning. You’ll be warm in the balloon with the ballast blowing away. As the hot air balloon drifts gently over the desert skies, you’ll hug yourself at the unending, undulating dunes and the little shadowed valleys in between. It’s an amazing experience, not to be missed.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

3. Wow Helicopter Ride over Dubai

The Dubai skyline is simply mind-blowing and the best way to get up close and enjoy it is to zoom around.  Sign up for a helicopter ride and get to know Dubai as you’ve never known it before. Get up close to the skyscrapers and watch the city go about its business hundreds of feet below you. Get up close to the Burj Khalifa’s magnificence and enjoy the view of the Dubai Fountains from up above. A helicopter ride over Dubai is one of the most wonderful experiences you can enjoy in this city.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAUCredit: LostLeBlanc

4. Magic Night in an Underwater Suite

Book a night’s stay in the underwater suite of Atlantis the Palm and enjoy being part of the ocean, but protected behind unbreakable glass walls. Spend the night surrounded by rich marine life – hammerhead sharks, deadly saw-toothed sharks, brilliantly-coloured fish, manta rays and much, much more. Watch as schools of colorful fish flit up and down, and observe the drama of the survival of the fittest in play just outside your walls. An entire night under the sea is the kind of experience people write songs about.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAUcredit: SkiDubai

5. Freezing Day At Ski Dubai

Dubai’s sun too hot for you? Don’t despair. Just head straight to Ski Dubai and spend the entire day enjoying one of the coolest experiences in your life. Ski Dubai is an ice and snow resort that has several enormous ice slopes that present varying levels of challenges to skiers. There’s also a 400 meter diamond run, the first of its kind in any indoor ski resort in the world. Ski Dubai has a cute little penguin park where the adorable birds cavort begging for attention. There’s also a kids’ play area, tobogganing slopes, an ice cave for kids and more.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAUCredit: Dubai

6. Relaxing Dhow Dinner Cruise

Another fun activity in Dubai is to sign up for a relaxing, luxurious dhow dinner cruise. Sail around the Dubai Marina and the Palm Islands and beyond for two whole hours in a beautifully renovated dhow. It’s the same vessel that was once used for trading and smuggling in the Middle East, now fully refurbished, air conditioned and surrounded by glass on all sides for unbroken views. Enjoy a scintillating dinner on board, to the accompaniment of belly dancing and henna tattooing by artists. Sit back on silk cushions and enjoy feeling like a sheikh with a hookah pipe stuck in your mouth and the whole of Dubai’s skyline to enjoy.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

7. Sunset View From The Burj Khalifa

There’s something fantabulous about experiencing the sunset from the top of the Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest structure, standing proud at 829 meters somehow makes sunsets that much more magical. Take the world’s longest elevator to the 148th floor and enjoy the view of the sunset from the observatory deck to your heart’s content. Be sure to carry your top-of-the-line camera with its telephoto lens and tripod to capture every gorgeous moment of the sunset!

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

8. Speed Boat Sightseeing Tour

How about a terrific speed boat sight seeing tour of the coast? Zip around the Palm Jumeirah and the World archipelagos for two thrilling hours on a sleek speedy vessel. Gaze in awe at the colossal Atlantis The Palm hotel and the AquaventureWater Park. Explore the World Map Island, designed to look like the different continents of the world. Your speed boat then cruises around the stately, incredibly stunning sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab. You’ll get complimentary drinks and water on board the speed boat. Usually only small groups are taken on a boat at any given time, so you’ll have plenty of room to move about and enjoy the views from different perspectives.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

9. Zip-Line Through The Dubai Fountain

Only the fittest are selected for the zip-line experience over downtown Dubai. So if you make the selection, you’ll be one of the lucky ones to enjoy the most amazing adrenaline-jerking experience of your lifetime. You’ll be ziplining over downtown Dubai and over Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, even when it’s dancing.

Below Top Things to do in Dubai | EAU

10. Swim With the Sharks in Dubai Aquarium!

Ever dreamt of swimming with the sharks? Now you can do it in a controlled environment, in the Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall, which has a ten-million-litre tank filled with exotic marine wildlife. You’ll be guided by qualified instructors, so you’ll be safe. People will be watching you from the other side of the glass, wishing they could also swim with the sharks. You’ll be a hero! Not everyone’s got the guts to dive into the shark tank so if you can do it, enjoy every second of your adventure.

Such exciting things to do in Dubai! Don’t you just want to pack your bags and head there straight away? Of course you do. And so do we. Make a list of all the fun experiences you want to have while in Dubai and be sure to enjoy each one of them when you get there.


Top Things to do in Dubai EAUBest Things to do in Dubai

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