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Chez Julien Review Paris 2018 EarthBelowGirls 

Choosing a restaurant in big cities can be daunting. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, to choose from and reading reviews can only take you so far. Even though Jay and I are huge foodies, we don’t mind sometimes skipping the research and wandering into a restaurant right off the street. That’s what we did when we stumbled into Chez Julien one unassuming evening.

Chez Julien Paris Review

Chez Julien Review Paris 2018 EarthBelowGirlsChez Julien Review Paris 2018 EarthBelowGirlsAfter an hour of trying to find a specific bar in Paris’s 4th arrondissement, we gave up and decided to find somewhere to eat dinner. We walked along the river a bit until we found a little alleyway with a few restaurants. We ventured down and saw an adorable outdoor seating area that was practically empty. We were famished, so we didn’t even look at the menu at Chez Julien before deciding to stay. As soon as we were seated, the restaurant began to fill up.

We definitely lucked out by getting there early, around 8pm without a reservation.

The food was absolutely amazing – we started with a salad to pretend we were being healthy. Then each ordered the Chateaubriand steak , and of course polished it off with desserts (yes, that’s plural). To be honest, the service wasn’t incredible and watch out if you’re American because they will try to get you to tip. Even though the service is just so-so, this is definitely a restaurant where you’ll be immersed with local Parisians and enjoy incredible food. 

We had a fabulous time eating tasty steaks while sipping rosé and people watching. What more could you need on a Parisian summer night?

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Chez Julien Paris Review Earth Below Girls


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