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Castle Hill Inn Brunch | Rhode Island

Castle Hill Inn Brunch | Brunch | Rhode Island

Even if you’ve just taken a glimpse at this blog, you can tell we’re borderline obsessed with brunch. And by borderline, I mean we obviously cannot live without it. What would a girl do without her boozy brunch with her boozy best friends? I mean, she’d probably be fine, but I wouldn’t want to risk it. That’s why our little weekend escape to Newport couldn’t be complete without Sunday brunch.

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Castle Hill Inn Brunch | Brunch | Rhode Island

We wanted to kick this weekly ritual up a notch, so we went to one of the most beautiful inns in Newport. The Castle Hill Inn is known for its location and class. I’m pretty sure when you look up “charming inns” in the dictionary, a picture of the Castle Hill Inn comes up. The inn is on a peninsula that overlooks the Atlantic dotted with sailboats. With a sprawling lawn looking out over the water and outdoor seating at their restaurant, plainly named “The Lawn”, this destination just screams Newport.

Castle Hill Inn Brunch | Brunch | Rhode Island

Apparently we thought we were invincible on this particular Sunday because we went to this popular brunch spot without a reservation, and on Father’s Day, no less. We were fairly proactive, however, and got there thirty minutes before they opened, so we were able to grab a table. While waiting for brunch to start, we sat in their crisp white Adirondack chairs with refreshing Blueberry Lemonade cocktails. I’m almost positive this is what heaven is like.

Castle Hill Inn Brunch | Brunch | Rhode Island

Not long after, we were seated for brunch, ordering mimosas and eating some of the best bruschetta I’ve ever had. The food, service, and flawless scenery made our last morning in Newport extra special. I would highly recommend visiting the Castle Hill Inn when in Newport. Whether it is to stay, eat, or just grab a cocktail on the beautiful lawn.

This destination should undeniably be at the top of the list.


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