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After researching the Blue Lagoon I was sure I had everything down pack. I had read about how to get there (flybus check) about hair damage (conditioner check), and made a reservations (Lavo check). However after my visit I realized just how much I didn’t know before visiting the lagoon. There are a ton of things no one tells you about the Blue Lagoon. So here it is everything you need to know before visiting the Blue Lagoon. If you’ve read our Blue Lagoon Guide you are already ahead of the pack but here are some more tips. These tips for the blue lagoon will insure there are no surprises so that you can fully enjoy your visit.  


1. Yes, you need a reservation. I was shocked by the amount of people who showed up and were surprised and angry they couldn’t walk in. We booked ours as soon as we purchased flights, about three months before our trip. Don’t wait till the last minute.

2. Getting to the blue Lagoon is easy. We purchased flybus tickets and this is the cheapest and easiest way to and from the Lagoon. The Bus from the airport to lagoon comes every 15 minutes, and leaves the lagoon into Reykjavik every hour. 

3. There are lockers for your personal items and there is storage for your luggage. I had a suitcase and for about 5 dollars I stored my bag. The personal lockers are free and can fit a smaller duffel bag or backpack. 

4. Once you arrive you will wait in line to check in and receive a tracker bracelet. The bracelet will get you in and out and is how you purchase items. Yes you have to be there at the time of your booking, they seem pretty strict so just arrive on time. 

5. You have to shower before getting into the blue lagoon. This was the biggest shock, all I had read online was that there was open communal showers and a few of us were a bit skittish about showering naked with a bunch of randoms. But rest assured they have a ton of private stalls with frosted glass doors so you can shower in private. The changing rooms are also communal but each little room has a private room you can change in. 

6. It will get hot and you will get dehydrated. There are water fountains outside and inside the facility so make sure to bring a refillable water bottle and keep hydrated. We were in the water for hours so we definitely felt the effects. Along with your body, your hair will get dehydrated. I have blonde hair and am still feeling the effects of the Blue Lagoon even though I tired very hard not to wet my hair and loaded up with conditioner. Instead consider bringing coconut oil so it can really penetrate your hair and coat it to protect it. 

7. It is not just a lagoon. There are steam rooms, saunas, cafes, a restaurant and massages available. And speaking of restaurant, LAVO is not the only place to eat there, they have two cafes with grab and go type food. Beware things are expensive so double check the price, I almost walked out with two tiny cheese and grapes trays for $40. 

8. It is big. I didn’t realize how massive it is so make sure to travel around and not just hang around the bar or mask areas. Yes the bridges are cool so do take some pics but don’t forget to get those muscles working and explore.

9. They cut you off from drinking alcohol after 3 drinks. Because of the high temps there is a limit on how many drinks you can consume. It is for your own good so be smart and safe. 

10. The Blue Lagoon is so worth it. I have heard so many different opinions on the Blue Lagoon and was ready to be disappointed. Yet I had a blast. I would recommend getting the first appointment so there is less people. If you want to take pics do that before showering and changing. I was able to head to the decks and get some shots before too many people were in the lagoon. Although we were there from 8 am-2 pm we never felt crammed.  We had so much fun it was so nice to just chill around for hours.

So forget what the haters say this is bucket list item that still deserves a spot on your list. 

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