Avocado Appétit | New York City

Avocado Appétit Cafe | New York City Chinatown

An avocado inspired cafe as open in New York City. Avocado Appétit located in Chinatown is the newest spot to cater to those obsessed with avocados. Inspire by The Avocado Show in Amsterdam ( which is so worth the hype), Good Fat in Sydney (now closed), and Guac & Go in Singapore the owners wanted to bring something inspired and healthy to Chinatown.

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Avocado Appétit Cafe | New York City Chinatown

Avocado Fries

Avocado Appétit Cafe | New York City Chinatown

Spring Feta with Egg

Avocado Appétit Cafe | New York City Chinatown

Chicken Caprese Bite

Everything on the menu has avocados. Think smoothies, salads, sandwiches and there most popular avocado fries. The space while small is of course highly instagrammable. There are no reservations and waiters,  you just order and sit wherever you can. We went during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year and after waiting about 15 minutes we scored a table.

We order cappuccinos while we waited for our food. We decided on Chicken Caprese Bite, the Spring Feta with Egg and the avocado fries. I am not gonna lie I am not crazy about fried things so I was about iffy about ordering the fries but they ended up being sinfully delicious. In fact, everything was delicious so I highly suggest you get your ass their before everyone else does.


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