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Zaanse Schans is the perfect day trip from Amsterdam. Located a short train ride away from Amsterdam, this traditional Dutch village is perfect for exploring. What makes Zaanse Schans even better is that it is free so this makes it a perfect budget day trip from Amsterdam. Our Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans Day Trip Guide has everything you need to have a great trip.

 Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans Day Trip Guide


Getting there.

First, make your way to Amsterdam’s Central Station where you will need to purchase tickets at the yellow kiosks. You’ll be traveling in the direction of Uitgeest to Koog-Zaandijk. Keep a close eye on the monitor boards to find your platform number. Once you are at the platform verify that you are in the correct place. The trip takes about 15-20 min before you arrive at Zaandijk Zaanse Schans (where you will get off). From the train station, it is a twenty-minute walk you to the windmills. You will know you are close once you’ve crossed the bridge and see the welcome to Zaanse Schans sign. There will be signs pointing you in the correct direction along the way so no worries if maps aren’t your thing. 


What to do in Zanse Schans.

Admission into the area is free so you can walk around and view the windmills and the surrounding area. You can pay to enter the windmills each cost 4 euros and you can see a traditional craftsman at work. It is not necessary to go to all of them just pick one. You can also take a river cruise to get some beautiful views and it will only cost about 6 euros. The area or park surrounding the windmills is also breathtaking. There are ponds with lily pads and weeping willows. It’s the perfect place for a picnic, stroll or bike ride. While I didn’t eat in the town since we came right after lunch, there are some restaurants and cafes where you can grab something.


The six working windmills at Zaanse Schans:

1. De Huisman – mustard mill

2. De Gekroonde Poelenburg – sawmill

3. De Kat – paint mill

4. De Zoeker – oil mill

5. De Bonte Hen – oil mill

6. het Jonge Schaap – sawmill



A roundtrip train ticket from Amsterdam Central Station to Koog-Zaandijk is about 7.20 euros. Entrance into the area is free so you will only have to pay for the river cruise ( about 6 euros) or the windmill entrance ( 4 euros each).

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