My 2019 Travel Bucket-List

My 2019 Travel Bucket-ListWith the end of 2018 came a fresh new promise of 2019. While most people scrambled to make resolutions about weight loss, relationships and spending habits, mine are a bit different. At the beginning of each year I like to make a list of the top places I want to travel in the upcoming year. It could be places that I have already visited or somewhere completely new and exciting. It usually ends up being a little bit of both and this years list is no different.

My 2019 Travel Bucket-list

My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


I already knew I’d be making my way back to Bali before 2018 even came to a close. Bali feels like second home to me. I find myself the most creative here and love the lifestyle I have in Canggu. I’ll be back in Bali for most of February and March. (Spoiler when I post this I’ll already be back in Bali). I already have a long list of places I can’t wait to get back to but also a ton of places I never got to visit the first time around. Also I’m looking forward to exploring more waterfalls, the north and just working on the blog from cool cafes. I also can’t wait to experience my favorite cafes in Seminyak, my favorite eats in Canggu and my favorite places to grab a drink in Canggu again.

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My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


Another destination already booked and planned for 2019 is the Philippines. This has been on my bucket list for what feels like forever. Real time probably only a dream the past 5 years. I’ve been itching to go to the islands but after seeing Lost LeBlancs videos, my desire was amplified! I’m so excited to go island hopping, visit some incredible beaches and relax. We will be heading to Borocay, El Nido and Cebu. So keep your eyes peeled for more on the Philippines.

My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


Germany is probably the biggest surprise on my list. It may surprise many because the first time I visited Germany, I didn’t exactly fall head over heels in love. Admittedly poor planning left me to only visit Berlin. After meeting new friends from Germany, I’m eager to return and visit other cities and regions. At the top of my list is Munich and road tripping to Neuschwanstein Castle. Yep, that Instagram famous castle. I am hoping to tackle them this summer and see a softer side of Germany.

My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


As some of you may know, I’m Portuguese. I still have a ton of family in Portugal but haven’t seen many of them in years. The last time I was inPortugal I only got to visit Lisbon for my birthday. I’ve made it a big priority to make it back there this summer. Both to see my family and to explore more of this beautiful country. Portugal is stunning and there are a ton of reason to visit Portugal. Last time, visiting Sintra Portugal was at the top of my bucket-list. This time around I’m hoping to visit the Douro wine region and Algarve. Portugal is often overlooked in the travel sphere but I think 2019 is gonna be her year.

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My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


I’m gonna be honest I never really had a huge desire to go to panama. That all changed after following Rachel, one of my favorite travel bloggers, from the Hippie in Heels. She went and now I can’t wait to visit. It has so much to offer from the amazing beaches, to the rainforests and the city itself. I’m thinking this will be a great winter vacation later this year. If you’re heading to Panama check out Rachel’s posts on the top places to see and stay.

All these epic shots are Rachel’s from the Hippie in Heels. If you’re not following her blog you should, she’s not only the cutest blogger but honest in her reviews and recommendations.

My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


Jordan is hot, hot, hot right now. I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t know all that much about Jordan until I saw it blowing up on Instagram. This is one of those places where ya do it for the gram. Honestly, though it’s so beautiful and ancient how could you not want to visit and document it? This is high on my bucket-list for 2019, not sure when and how but I’d love to make it there this year.

My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


I’ve visited France over 6 times in the past 7 years. Still you’d think I’d be over it by now, nope. France is one of those places that each time you visit, you just end up adding more places to your list. The last time I visited, I explored the Lavender Fields of Provence, soaked up the sun down in Cannes and ate my heart out in Paris. Visiting Paris on a budget, don’t forget to check out my posts on 20 free things to do in Paris. Road tripping the South of France was one of my all time favorite trips. I am looking forward to exploring other regions like Normandy, Bordeaux and Champagne in 2019.

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My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


I went to Montreal with Ashley a few years ago on a whim. Even in the dead of winter and very hungover it was beautiful. Since then I have become obsessed with visiting Canada again. I love the vast rigged terrain and all the gorgeous national parks it has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that Canadians are so nice and proud of their beautiful country. Getting to visit Banff and shooting in the parks would be a huge dream come true for me.

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My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide


Patagonia of course is not a country but rather a region. Located between Argentina and Chile it offers some of the most pristine and stunning landscape in the world. I’m not sure when I first “discovered” Patagonia but for a few years now its been a huge wish of mine to visit. Visiting Patagonia has always seemed like such an undertaking but after traveling around so much in Asia and the Pacific, I am ready for it.

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My 2019 Travel Bucket-List Guide

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