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girls trip to paris guide | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

Back in May, I discovered some amazing flights to Paris for less than $500.

I knew I could not pass a long weekend in Paris. I somehow convinced my friend that this deal wouldn’t last and we needed to book asap. The next day I convinced the rest of the girls. So it was official The Earth Below Girls were going to take over Paris. Since the day I moved to Paris to study abroad over four years ago, it was and has been my favorite city.

 Soon enough September came and we were at the airport taking selfies. The flights I found searching Skyscanner, were with XL Airways. Although I was skeptical I will be flying with them again. Unlike most budget airlines, XL Airways still offers the basic amenities; such as wine, meals, and blankets. The only thing they lacked was the in-flight entertainment, which to be honest I don’t need. A  tip for budget travel is simple, be prepared. No matter what airline I fly I always bring;  a book, a few movies, my MacBook and plenty of snacks.So while other people may find this an issue, it gave me time to catch up on reading.

Here it is the ultimate girls trip to Paris Guide

girls trip to paris guide | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

Day One we landed and m our way to made our way to our hotel the Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel. I found a great deal online and this hotel was clean, pretty and a 5-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. To kick off the Birthday celebrations, we opened a bottle of champagne and the weekend officially started We then headed to Sacre Courer where we took a wrong turn and ended up having to climb the steep steps of the Basilica.

As soon as we reached the top, we were greeted with a beautiful sunset overlooking Paris.

Girls Trip A Guide To Paris | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

We had dinner at Babalou the cutest hole in the wall restaurant, more on Babalou to come. We then made our way to the Moulin Rouge stopping along the way at cute shops or bars that caught our eye. We surprised Priscilla with tickets to the show. It was provocative, funny and well worth the price tag. We got the basic tickets but had great seats up front. For a couple of dollars more, you get champagne for the duration of the night. If you’re going to go I would suggest getting the basic package and add on the champagne.

I’d skip the dining option you’re further away from the stage, and the food isn’t that great.

Girls Trip A Guide To Paris | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

On day two we woke up early and after stopping at a café to have croissants and espresso, we swung by Notre Dame and to the Pantheon. Although we didn’t do it this time, I suggest climbing to the top of the Cathedral. I’ve done it before and the views are incredible, plus you feel a bit like Esmeralda. Later we found a café and had lunch among the Parisienne over looking the Pantheon.

We then meet up with girlfriends who meet us from London at the Luxemburg gardens. The Luxembourg gardens is one of my favorite places in Paris. It’s the perfect place for romantic strolls with your significant other or your girlfriends. Wandering over to the Eiffel tower, We had a picnic with champagne during sunset, a tradition I’ve done every time I go to Paris. Afterward, we head to the latin quarter. We emerged from the metro, in Saint Michelle to a music performance by streets artist and people dancing. Moments like this are what screams Paris to me.

The bohemian way of life, you can’t find it anywhere else.

Girls Trip A Guide To Paris | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

We ate at a restaurant that was overlooking the square, Saint Severin. I was less than impressed with the food, but the atmosphere and drinks were great. We then walked down the street and stopped along a bunch of the bars and spent most of the night bar hopping the latin quarter. We made it back in time for breakfast.

If you don’t pull an all-nighter in Paris, did you ever really go?

Girls Trip A Guide To Paris | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

The next day those of us who weren’t feeling like death went to the top of the Eiffel tower. We all meet up after and went for a river cruise along the Seine. We got our tickets online and were able to avoid the Effiel Tower lines and it came with the river cruise. We then went shopping along the Champs Elysee and got macarons at Laudree, followed by dinner at Le Plage Parisienne. This place had the perfect atmosphere that made you feel like you were in one of the Sex and the City episodes in Paris. The views were amazing, the décor classy but not stuffy and the food and drinks were delicious. It was the perfect dinner. After dinner a few of us headed out to a bar Café Oz, a place Ashley and I discovered when we studied abroad in Paris.

Oz is always a good time.

Girls Trip A Guide To Paris | Female Travel | Paris France | Earth Below Girls

Our last day we woke early and headed to the Louvre. When I’m pressed for time, I often skip the museums because while I love them, they are time leeches. Seeing as it was Amanda’s first time in Paris we dedicated a few hours to wandering around the Louvre. Travel Tip, get your tickets ahead of time, so you can skip the often hour long line to get in. We purchased ahead of time and breezed right in.

Afterward, we got macarons at Maxims because you can never have too many treats. We had lunch at a cafe near the Eiffel tower and soaked it in. Feeling like we hadn’t done enough shopping we headed to the Champs Elysee to satisfy our Parisienne fashion fix and have one last macaron. Although it was a short trip we accomplished a lot during our four days in Paris. I always leave Paris wanting more.

 Paris, is always a good idea, until next time.


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Hi, I’m Jay. A twenty-something-year-old living in New York. There’s not all that much to say about me other than; I love to eat, drink and travel. I’ve lived in some incredible cities from Paris to New York to Florence, and along the way, I’ve crossed off a ton on my bucket list. I hope we inspire you to go out there and see for yourself, just how beautiful life can be.

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